Monday, 25 May 2015

The Baby gets to eat his cake too!

I am a bit of a mean Mummy, I never let any of the boys have any of their own cake when they turned one.  They are still just babies at that age and really don't need to be eating cake yet!  (in my opinion)

But thanks to the wonders of Facebook, a healthy version of a baby's first birthday cake popped up in my feed one day, coincidentally just a week before the big event.  Big event indeed, you see, our house pretty much runs on Birthdays.  Who's birthday is next?  And who after that? How many days is that?  How many days now? (the very next day)

Not a day passes that the word Birthday is not mentioned.  Seriously.  So if you love Birthdays, you really should come visit sometime!   We have 7 a year, if you don't count the dog, which I certainly would not put it past them.  Shhh, let's not mention that!

Each Birthday -must- be celebrated in grand style, with cake, of course.

So anyway, back to the healthy cake.

No sugar, no butter!  Made with pear puree and wholemeal flour, the icing just unsweetened whipped fresh cream.  Garnished with strawberries, which Baby loves!

Naturally this horrified most of the other children, not to mention Coder, so thoughtfully I made not just one cake, but two.  The other being the usual decadent sugary, buttery, chocolate goodness.

Seeing as no one else wanted to touch his cake with a barge pole, let alone eat it, I let Baby play with it for a little mini photo shoot.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Cake anyone? 

So yeah great, it's my Birthday.   

-Cannot- believe she's not stopping me!

Seriously, who is she?!

Brother's in blue.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The cuteness!

I have entered littlest bubba into the Bonds Baby Search for 2015.  After taking about 30 photos, I then had to narrow it down to a few and finally select just one to enter.

This is the one I chose.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Little blonde boy blue starts school

I knew the day was creeping up, I tried to push it from my mind.  We enjoyed our holidays, without much of a thought for what was going to unfold.  I reflected sometimes, looking at him, so little, ready for school?  Hardly!  Surely? 

Perhaps it was just me not ready.  Perhaps I was just worried because he is so little, not seemingly emotionally or socially ready for Kinder. I mean, he still screeches like a possessed banshee when things do not go his way.  Yes he is getting better, but very marginally.  He spent some time on the floor sulking about this or that during some of our Pre-Kinder sessions last year.  I hoped this was not a reflection of what was to come, well I hoped for the Teacher's sake, and the delicate ear drums of his peers.

When asked, he would shrug off comments of starting school, to him it seemed like it was all talk and never going to happen. 

Fortunate for us, we have 3 in-house school experts, eager to offer suggestions and recommendations.  For example, it's probably not a good idea to use the words "poo" or "butt", and certainly not together; "poo-butt" as he fondly, and repeatedly, called everyone at home.

They also explained all the wonders of the playground, sandpit, swings and bikes.  He may even get to see them at recess or lunch! But in actuality they stagger the Kinder playtime so they are not in the playground with the big kids. Not a bubble I was going to burst!  He just "might" see them sometimes.

During this time, he still has his finger bandaged up and has needed to have it re-dressed.  Then on Tuesday last week he had the pin removed, just yanked out with pliers.  It was over in a few seconds, but very stressful for him nonetheless.   So with the anxiety of treatments on his finger, and starting school, he developed a slight stutter.  It only appears when he is feeling anxious, and he will be assessed through school.   We will spend a day on the beach, and not a single stutter, yet when I mentioned his upcoming Dr appointment, he stuttered immediately.  Poor little guy.

The night before his first day, upon the realisation that I would not be with him like I was at Pre-Kinder, there were tears, and a near total meltdown.  Luckily I had an expert on the top bunk to quickly make light of the situation and distract him.

So he did start school, and did so marvelously I might add! He goes 2 and a half days a week, and so far we have had no more tears.  Me or him! 

Hanging up his smock and painting Mummy.

Cute idea to paint their little hands and put it on the window.  He ran with the idea and stamped his hand an additional 3 times before we could stop him.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Day surgery

Little Pichu had surgery on his finger yesterday.  It all went very well and we are really happy to be done with it.  At least we hope. There is a possibility it may need to be operated on again in the future. 

Basically the operation was to remove some abnormal bone growth that occurred from an old injury almost 2 years ago. 

Getting weighed.

Off to theatre with his favourite pikmin.

In recovery.

Icy poles make everything better.

Going back to his room.

Resting. He was such a good boy for the nurse, very cooperative in offering up his finger for monitoring as soon as she entered the room each time.


Thank goodness it doesn't stop him playing his favourite game, Pikmin (of course!)  He insists on keeping the canula bandage on the other arm.

Now we have to keep this dry and clean for a week.  (Oh boy!) 

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Oldest and youngest

We have been very busy enjoying our hot summer holiday, poolside.  So here are just a few pics of the oldest (95) and youngest (8 months) of the family. 

Today I link up with Essentially Jess for IBOT (I blog on Tuesdays). 

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