Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Boys and bump - the photo edition.

I have been wanting to attempt this for weeks.  Yesterday after school I finally put the wheels in motion, convincing the boys it would be a great idea to pose for photos with Mummy's tummy before it's too late and there is no tummy anymore.

Legoman was keen, more so because I told him he would have to be the one jumping up and down pressing the self timer button rather then me, because it's basically impossible for me to move with any speed.  At all.

The other boys took a little more coaxing, and there may have been a few pieces of chocolate thrown in for negotiation leverage.

The results aren't perfect, but I am glad we at least have something.

The warm up.  His subjects proving to be a challenge for Legoman.  He was such a trooper, he knew that I just wanted a couple of good photos and he was trying his best to get them to cooperate.


 Was tricky trying to get the camera in the right position.  It was on the tripod in the en suite.

Not enough chocolate? Too much?

Switching to the wide angle lens helped alot, but now I just need to remove that power point. 

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Camo Cake - plus a milestone.

Valentines day, 10 yeas ago, Coder and I began our parenting adventure into craziness.  It was a scorcher of a day in Broken Hill (it was 43 and humid!), so actually the best place to be was in the air conditioned comfort of the Maternity Ward.  To bad for me there was to be much DIS-comfort before the comfort could begin.  But you can read about all that shenanigans here if you so wish.

 A decade later and we find ourselves with a 10 year old! 

Lately he has been slightly obsessed with all things camouflage, which helped with picking out a few of his presents.  Among a few other bits and bobs he also got camo clothes, camo hat, camo iPad cover, and some collectable army tanks thrown in for good measure. 

On his Birthday we thought embarrassing him at Hog's Breath was a novel idea, I think he was secretly chuffed.

Watching the extreme sports on the TV while we wait.

Pichu loves Hog's Breath!  Well, he loves their cheese sticks.  Clearly his American side showing through.

Just to prove the middle boys were there, but sitting right next to me meant they escaped most photos.

Legoman is very good at distracting sooky brothers and cheering them up.


He sees the Hog's staff, singing merrily as they come!

See? He loves it.

Ok so technically the sparklers are in a bowl of ice cream, but I'd made a ginger cake for when we got home.  And technically he is very fussy with food, especially sweet things, so he didn't actually want to eat the ice cream... but with 3 brothers it didn't go to waste!

We waited a few weeks before having a party, to allow for the kids to settle into their new classes before we bombarded them with the first invitation of the year.

Considering the fixation on camo, when the theme for the cake was discussed, was there ever any other option? 


Camo cake was my brief.  Luckily I like a cake challenge and researched the best way to go about it.

Camo Cake:

I started with a basic butter cake batter, and separated it into 3 bowls.  I coloured 2 of them, leaving one as is. After lining the cake pan I used a big spoon to dob dollops of each colour here and there, slowly layering the batter in a mix match of camo-style colours.

Something like this.

I used fondant for the icing and again made several different camo colours (to match the cake).  Right about at that stage it would have been a good idea to take a photo, yes, it sure would have.  

But anyway, using your imaginations... I then made witchery grub sized pieces, and sometimes just round globs of each colour and layed them next to each other (similar to what the batter looks like above).  Once all of the fondant was used I rolled it out, the colours squish together and spread, miraculously in a camo pattern!

Again, a photo at the point would have been a nifty idea. 

 That smudgy part is just where I have blurred his name from the photo.

The party was at Laser Zone, which is such a big hit lately, even Oshawott (5 years) got to join in this time and had such a good time. 

The first ones out to check the scores.  Luckily the Birthday boy excels at war games...  or maybe not!

It was very loud.

Once it was cut I was happy to see the cake didn't turn out too bad inside!

And that was the end of the beginning of the Birthdays for 2014.  And that was a mouthful of a sentence!

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Summer pool fun. - Part One

I just love summer!   Living in Tassie has meant never getting a 'real' summer anymore, well, in my opinion.  I find myself comparing our daily temperatures with that of my home town, Broken Hill, and yearning for some real stinking hot days.  Crazy I know!

This summer, I flew the boys back to Broken Hill for a couple of weeks in January, so we could soak up some real summer weather again.

We arrived, it was hot.

Except for one or 2 cooler days, it was stinking hot for the full 2 weeks.


My sister's family installed an in ground pool last summer, and it has been such a good investment.  Obviously for us.. ha!   We were back in Broken Hill each of the School holidays in 2013, and all but the trip in the middle of winter, the boys were in that pool.  During the April and Sept holidays the temp of the pool around 20 degrees, and on a good day getting to 23.  That is actually one benefit of living in Tassie, the Ocean temp here in Summer is pretty chilly so they didn't mind the cold water.

But this trip the pool temp hovered between 25 and 30 degrees, it was absolutely divine to jump into on those 40+ degree days.  The boys and some of their cousins were in the pool daily, actually several times a day!  The rest of the time was spent lounging around under the air-con, eating icy poles, playing with each other and just doing nothing.

It was fantastic. 

I have so many pool photos, it is really not even funny.   There was morning swims, sunny swims, cloudy swims, rainy swims, night swim and even a bit of nudie swimming by the younger, less modest ones. 

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Monster heat for Monster Trucks.

On February 1st, Broken Hill hosted a very unique event.  It's not every day, or ever, that Monster Trucks roll into town.  We were lucky to still be in town, and I decided to take my boys and 3 of my sisters troops to see the show. My sister was helping out at a School fundraiser and my BIL was helping out in the Monster Truck arena, but luckily a friend was also going and offered to come and help me.

Unfortunately for the drivers, in their full leathers, and the spectators sitting on the concrete bleachers, it had been another scorcher of a day in the Hill.  It had been for a week, actually they have had it extremely hot most of the summer. 

The day time temperature reached 42 that day.  The concrete had been baking in that glorious sunshine all day, soaking it all in.  When we arrived at the local oval at 7pm it was still blisteringly hot.  The concrete bleachers were like hotplates.  You could fry eggs, well hey you could fry a full Sunday breakfast or a sausage sizzle on that surface!  But on this steaming Summer night it was frying thousands of butt pancakes.

Luckily, I had 2 picnic blankets and we kept them folded many times over to just have a seat sized padded barrier between us and the concrete o'death.  

We waited over half an hour for the show to start, half an hour trying to keep the kids in the shade of the fence in front of us, half an hour watching and willing the sun to set faster.   I thought I had set out prepared, with water bottles for every child (7 of them), myself and a spare to top them up.  

I had grossly miscalculated.  

Luckily for us they were selling water onsite, and not too far from our seats.  Unluckily for us they were extortionists, selling bottles of water for a mere $5!  It started out at $4 early on in the night, and as realisation hit that people were dehydrating faster then a Monster Truck crushes a car, they upped the price another $1.  How entrepreneurial of them.  I mean really.   Water was now more expensive then coke.  

To make it worse, the water was Woolworths Select, the same in which was being sold for 25cents per bottle (in a 24 slab) just 2 minutes down the road at the supermarket. Not a bad profit margin.

The show started 15 minutes late.  This was annoying just in general, but more so today because of the extreme conditions.

 It was hot.

 But this little boy was super excited.

 Some of us were super unimpressed by the heat and the wait.

 Really unimpressed.

 We found the answer to sensitive ears.

 The anticipation, it had better be good!

 Someone got sick of the proceedings, wanting to go home.  Funnily enough it was the one (of the younger 4) that didn't nap earlier, in preparation.

 The crane hoisted up an old van to drop.

 Concrete baking bleachers, don't mind if I do!

 Watching the van come crashing down.

 Scooby Doo Jet Car.

Nearing the end of the show, this firework represented an escape for me and 5 of the kids.  It was late and I knew the show was ending soon, rather then fight the crowds getting out we left early to head home to bed.  We missed the full firework show, but did see some as we walked to the car, and again from the backyard when we got home. 

All in all it was an fun experience, and something we certainly don't get the opportunity to see very often.

The population of Broken Hill is around 19,000.  There was estimated over 5000 people at the show.  Not a bad effort!

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