Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Birthday Roundup - Slumber, Dragons and Rockets

I feel very much behind in keeping track on the blog of the major events of our year.  So here is a Birthday catchup post.

Voltorb turned 8!

Voltorb has been counting down to his birthday for, well pretty much for a whole year.  Most kids do this I know  But Voltorb has not only been counting down, but also planning certain elements of it.  Like the type of cake he wanted, and where the party would be held.  But most importantly that he was going to invite his best friends over for a sleepover and they were going to stay up all night!  Yeah!

The cake brief was for a brain.   Yes.  A brain.   Not just any brain, a green brain!

So there may have been slightly too many children on the trampoline.. technically they weren't actually jumping though.

The slumbering in full swing.  Or the lack of it.  They were adamant to stay up all night, and they were doing way too well!  Coder had to tell them at midnight that they had made it to the 'next day' so had successfully stayed up all night, just to get them to go to sleep! 

Oshawott turned 6!

Luckily we had a lovely sunny day, with just a bit of a chill from the wind, for this mass event.  We had invited almost all of the class, plus a few extras.  The brief for the cake was simple, to replicate his current favourite dragon toy.

I had planned a few activities that would occupy the guests and hopefully entertain them aswell.   Colouring competition, decorate your own party box and a dancing game.  These things filled out the time really well, and with eating, cake cutting and present opening, it was all done and dusted in the allotted time.  The kids loved the dancing game, so we ended up playing that one over and over again.  Luckily I was prepared with a heap of little gifts for the winners. 

 Cake time!

Decorated party room.

 Animal decorator station.

 The dancing game where you have to choose1 of 3 shapes to stand on when the music stops.  If you are on the one that is randomnly pulled out of a hat, you're out of the game!

Party box decorator station.

Pichu turned 4!

3 weeks later we had another Birthday to celebrate, Pichu turning 4!  He counted down the sleep until this day when he would be 'bigger!'!  We had a quiet morning at home opening presents.  He then had a party to attend, his friend from Pre-Kinder also had recently turned 4.  His party was on the same day.  So after the little friend's Mum suggested they would sing Happy Birthday to Pichu aswell I thought I would make a little cake to take along. 

His cake request was for a blue rocket ship!

They both loved the Octonauts toys. 

So good having big brothers to assembly all the presents!

Cheeky sausage.

He takes candle blowing out very seriously.

He even got to have a sit on a horse! 

And another cake for home!

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A walk in the park.

The weather here in Tassie has been just beautiful lately.  After a very mild winter we are easing into Spring with gorgeous sunny warm days.

On the last day of Winter, and the forecast being warm, we headed into Richmond Village to visit the ducks, have some lunch.

It was the first time I had the baby in his carrier.  At first he thought it was pretty good, he was close to Mummy and was still able to see all of the outside "stuff".  Trees were pretty cool, and brothers running around after bubbles was mildly entertaining for a few moments.   It all became old news rather too quickly and he was ready for his first nap in his new carrier.  Reluctance was loud to begin with, but after much jiggling around he decided sleep was probably the best option, and the only way to get Mummy to stop jigging him all over the place!

All was calm.   The boys were playing on the hill and getting stuck in trees,  and the dog was patiently waiting for something exciting to happen.  Coder and Legoman set off to get some lunch, leaving me with the baby in the carrier, the dog tied to the park bench, and 3 boys to keep tabs on as they slid down the side of the hill.

Queue disaster.

Pichu needed to wee. 

Of course he does.

So with baby in carrier I try to help him go behind a tree.  There was just no other option at this stage.  I cant run him up to the toilet (up stairs and through a playground, then across a field), as dog's for one are not allowed in the other area.  Plus I had 2 other Lord of the Flies children running loose.

Our attempt was categorically unsuccessful and there was wee, alot of wee, all over his undies, track pants, socks, shoes and my hands. 

So now I have an almost 4 year old screeching "ow ow ow"  (I mean seriously?!), he won't walk and he still has his pants around his now very smelly ankles.

I somehow wrangle him to the picnic bench, and proceed to undress him, all the while trying to keep the baby asleep in the carrier.  It was quite the spectacle to any onlookers, he was screaming as if I was pulling his finger nails off with pliers.  Luckily I did have a spare pair of undies, and more luckily for him it was a very mild day so he wasn't going to freeze his little tush off.

We had lunch and then a play in the playground as Coder took the very patient dog for a little walk.  Unfortunately a seemingly friendly encounter left Ziggy with a bleeding mouth.  He was being very social and meeting other dogs, when one little viscous demi lion bit him!

He was ok luckily, as the owners of the other dog were very quick to intervene.

Here are a few pics from our day out.

 Daaaaad! I'm stuck!

 Not happy that he couldn't climb the steep hillside like his brothers.

Not so steep here, so with a little help all was good with the world again.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Soccer shenanigans

I'd like to think my boys are talented athlete's, doesn't every parent?  

But alas 'tis but a dream.  

Soccer legends they may not be, but they get an A+ for enthusiasm. Well, one of them does, the other tries to get out of every practise and most games.  He actually recently declared that he in fact hates soccer.  

Oookay then.

With the season almost at an end, the guilty conscious insisted that I get along and watch at least one of their games.  The forecast was for a nice mild winters day, so taking the Baby out for an outdoor adventure should be reasonably pleasant. 

Coder has taken them to all of their games this season, and I must say it has been pretty alright getting to stay home in the warm.

It was a family affair, the 7 of us piled into the car and off we set to the soccer fields. 

The Baby decided that today, for the first time, was not a good day for napping in the capsule.  In fact, it was far more interesting to peek out of the tiny gap between blankets that were draped over the pram.  Because unfortunately the weather forecast was slightly ambitious and it was indeed quite chilly!   He was fine for most of the first game, crying only a little until he was enticed to sleep.

Intermission was an early lunch stop at McDonalds where the Baby was allowed out of his capsule for his McBreastmilk.   He still had not slept well.  This was good, he will sleep like a baby at the next game! 

Or perhaps not.  Baby knows best after all.  It is a far better idea to insist Mummy feeds you in the middle of open fields, sitting on wet grass with the wind whipping around, in almost every direction. 

Conceding defeat on the Baby sleeps in capsule battle, Coder held him so I could take photos.

One of the few times he actually got to touch the ball.  It's not his fault though! There are some fast kids on team that seem to be everywhere all of the time.  Which is great if you want to win, but not so great for giving everyone ball time.  

 He also gets occasionally distracted.  By himself.

Worn out after the game.

In his own little soccer free world.

Time for a hair cut, or a pony tail?

Two years ago I wrote this post about his first soccer season. So things haven't changed much! But now we have Oshawott playing too.

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Snow bound, or not...

On Saturday, after a week of wild and wooly Tasmanian weather, including a massive dumping of snow, we decided to brave the cold and take the boys to one of our favourite spots, Mt Field National Park.

Timing it just before Baby's morning nap, we headed off, 5 boys rugged up and super excited.  Well Baby had no idea what was going on, but he was rugged up none the less.  His brothers were oozing enthusiasm, it was almost infectious. I still had a few reservations about taking a 12 week old on day trip to the snow, worried he might not settle for a long sleep in the car, or that it would just be too cold.

Like a champ Baby slept the whole trip, 1.5 hours.  He was still asleep on arrival so we embarked on our first stop, the Russell Falls 25min return walk.  This walk is wheelchair/pram friendly and is really beautiful, any time of year.  Yet something was magical about this time, something was different, you could hear the waterfall much earlier then usual.  And it soon became clear why.  The falls were a gush with water from the melting snow.  They were impressive to say the least.  The boys were squealing in delight.  For a few moments anyway, until they became distracted by fallen palm fonds, come swords. 

No joke, they can make a weapon out of anything.


Baby, mid walk, signaled it was time for a pit stop, albeit in a very insistent fashion.

Lunch was an assortment of toasted sandwiches, hot drinks, icy poles and one serve of milkies.  One thing that never ceases to amaze me is their ability to scoff down icy poles or ice creams in the middle of winter, in the middle of the snow (practically).

After sorting out the empty bellies it was time for the main event, the snow ball fight! 

The road to top of the mountain was closed just the day before, and was now open to 4wd's and 2wd's with snow chains.  Well that was good, it meant there would be no shortage of fresh snow fit for a throwin'. 

And it would have been good if everyone heeded the warnings.  But of course there is always one, or in this case two.. people that seem to think rules are for 'other' people and not them.

Basically we got stuck in a traffic jam, and this was no ordinary traffic jam.  This one was on a narrow snow covered winding mountain road.  There was no room to pass anyone, and no room for error. At the centre of the chaos were two chain-less 2wd cars.  Yay.

It was so bad, there was no way to go up or down. 

With hopes of throwing the biggest snow ball ever at Daddy quickly fading help arrived in the form of the ranger on duty and a police officer.  With walkie talkies, shovels and a snow plow they coordinated our escape route, and that of all of the other cars too of course.   We had to move our cruiser as far over to the side as possible "without damaging your vehicle of course".  I had my head out the door trying to navigate coder through deep snow while avoiding branches and bushes.

We were stuck so long leading up to this point that we got the kids geared up in their snow gear and got them out to play.   As did most of the other people.

Thankfully Baby slept through the whole thing.  It was hours.  He was such a good little sleeper that day, thank goodness!

Once we were on our way back down, it was getting late but the boys hadn't had a good play, so we pulled over on the side of the road for some more snow fun.  The Policeman passed us, telling the boys it was illegal to throw snow balls in a National Park and he would have to arrest them.  The looks on their faces!

Baby was still asleep during this play session too, but woke when we got to the bottom of the road, so it was time for another pit stop before heading home. 

We got home at 6pm, so it was a really long and eventful day. But it was definitely memorable!

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