Hi, I'm a Mum of 4 boys, living on a hill in Richmond, Tasmania. I wanted to start a blog to help keep family and friends in touch with what goes on in our crazy patch of the world. Its more like an electronic memory I can share. 

I am an avid amateur photography, and am practically obsessed with taking photos.  Lately I have started to learn the editing process, using Lightroom 4.   I have a Nikon D7000, a 18-105mm, 55-300mm and a 50mm 1.8.  

I thought I would take the time to explain why I change the names of my boys in my posts.  Apart from being their secret identities (not so secret now!), it's just to protect their privacy in years to come.  Not just their privacy, but their social profiles as well,  and even limiting embarrassment as they become teenagers and adults.  They will embarrass themselves enough without me adding to that with baby and childhood stories. Once you 'publish' something on the internet you just have to assume it is always going to be floating around somewhere.  

Legoman is my eldest son, he is 8 and he obviously likes Lego.  Lately he has been more interested in Minecraft and loves to play online with his Cousin in Broken Hill.  This photo doesn't really show off his personality, but it is the most recent one. 

Voltorb is son number two, 6 years old and Pokemon crazy. His favourite processions are his Pokemon sleeping bag and his plush Pokemon toys.  He is a Highly Sensitive Child and comes with his own set of challenges for Mummy and Daddy.


Oshawott is 4 years old and his favourite Pokemon is Oshawott.  He is Salicylate sensitive, dairy intolerant and has also had a rough trot with Pertussis, Pneumonia (3 times) and has even had Scarlet Fever!


Pichu is the littlest, so he became so named after the smallest Pokemon, Pichu.  Pichu is 2 years old.  Pichu is challenging to say the least.  He does not like the word no, or any form of a negative response from people, and therefore has learned how to throw some pretty impressive tantrums.

I also use 'Coder' for my husband, he is a software developer.  Day and night he codes, even dreams about it I'm sure!  But he also likes to run, mountain bike, surf, play piano and apparently wants a pinball machine.  You can visit him on Facebook, End Permian. He pretty much hates all of the photo's I have taken of him lately.. so that is my challenge!

I am Sophie.  Really, I am.  

I chose the name iSophie because I love how Sophie is so close to spelling phone if you jumble up the letters.  

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