Sunday 5 August 2012

Scarlet Fever

Here we are again.  This time it's a rare and serious disease (if left untreated).

It's day 2 of being in hospital.  Oshawott has Scarlet Fever.  The poor little guy can hardly see out of his eyes they are so swollen.  He has a rash all over him, it's rough and hot to touch. His face is swollen, he has vomited, he has had diarrhea, tummy aches, a cough, sore throat, sore tongue, ulcers in his mouth, no appetite, and I have probably forgotten some things.  He is miserable.  

The only silver lining of having Scarlet Fever is that we are 'contaminated' and shoved away in an isolation room with our own bathroom.  We hardly ever get bothered, even by the nurses, and the kitchen staff leave our food outside the room for the nurse to bring in.  Cleaners will not come in, unless needed.  When we do get visits from staff they are usually wearing masks and sometimes gowns or they stay as far away from him as they can.  He is happy with that.  If they get too close it's usually because they are going to stick him with something, either needles, probes, swabs, monitors, or medicine.

We actually got some sleep last night, a stark contrast to the first night in the Paediatric section of the Emergency Ward.  They were still trying to figure out just what it might be and perform all of the tests needed to make any conclusive diagnosis. He's had a urine sample done, cannula put in, blood taken, chest x-ray, swabs from the throat and nose.  

The cannula and blood taking exercise was the one I was dreading the most, remembering back to the first time he was really sick, he was too sick to care much what they did to him, yet they had to wrap him up in a sheet to secure him.  But this time, as an almost 4 year old, he was such a brave boy,  I helped to keep him still but he didn't protest too much, and he was fascinated watching the blood coming out (and spilling over the sheet).  

Had to take this one to show his brothers.

As soon as that was done and while they were still cleaning and securing it, he totally zonked out, like flicking a switch.  It was 3.46am by that stage and he was so exhausted.  So was I, but he had to have at chest x ray next, so no time for sleeping. I had to briefly rouse him to get him to sit for the x ray. It was sometime after 5am that I got to sleep, waking up at 7am.

Mid morning the Paediatric ward was ready for us so we were moved to our isolation room. 

He had to wear a mask for the journey.  I told him he was just like a Ninja, how cool! Ninja's get sick too right?

Once we were settled, Oshawott had a 3 and a half hour nap.  I managed to grab 30mins sleep before beeping woke me up.  It was the IV drip needing attention from the nurse.  

Coder arrived with Pichu and Legoman, Voltorb was with a friend for the day.  Pichu was VERY happy to see Mummy and held on tight, like a Koala, for 5 mins.  Which was apparently enough cuddles and the exploring could then commence. This included chocolate, warm milk and then paper towel, to clean up the warm milk he spilled all over himself and the lounge chair in the parents room.

He was tired again by 7pm and drifted off to sleep, I was knackered so decided it was bedtime for me too.  It was weird trying to fall asleep, being so tired and mentally spent, my mind was racing.  My eyes were closed, yet I kept seeing patterns behind my eyelids, a red raw rash, a mosaic of white boxes flickering back and forth, and other almost psychedelic arrangements.

Sub consciously I could hear a dinosaur, odd, a dinosaur in the paediatric ward? I was too tired to care, but sure wish it would be quiet!  The dinosaur won and I was awake again at 8pm.  Turns out it was just a rambunctious boy next door, not a creche of raptors.

Apart from several wakings, wet bed, and even a vomit (hated the medicine), we did get a fair amount of sleep.

This morning came the diagnosis from the head Paediatrician, Scarlet Fever.  Of course Oshawott has Scarlet Fever! Couldn't just be a normal viral rash or bit of an allergic reaction could it.  Of course not. 

We are still waiting on test results, the 'exotic' diseases take a little bit longer to culture.  But the symptoms just cant be ignored and it's textbook Scarlet Fever and that's what he is being treated for. This means he has been exhibit A for training doctors and nurses. The senior doctors point out for them to look at his classic Scarlet Fever sand paper rash.

I keep thinking he is getting better and then he goes backwards again.  But this evening when he had his temperature checked it was normal.  Finally the IV painkillers (because he mouth hurts too much to take it orally) have worked for a little while at least and I'm really hoping his swelling has gone down by the morning.

It's not all doom and gloom, he has found a few extra perks of being in hospital.  The electronically controlled bed for example.. super fun!  

 Super low


So I spoke too soon.  In the last hour we have been moved to a general room.  Because he has been on Anti Biotics longer then 24 hours he isn't contagious anymore.  Well that's good news.  Bad news is, we are in a room with 2 very newborn babies.  I can't see myself getting much sleep tonight.  So far it's been an hour and they have already tag teamed the nurse.  Then there was a baby crying (screaming) down the hall.  Sounded just like I imagine Pichu would scream if he woke up in hospital, sick, and Mummy or Daddy weren't there to make everything better.

I'm emotional enough (I really could cry at any moment, but I am forcing myself to stay strong), but I can't help but make comparison's and what if's. I'm sad for these two newborn babies, with no parent in sight to comfort them, kiss them, cuddle them to sleep and tell them soothingly that everything is going to be alright. 

Oshawott is asleep, for the moment.

I took this photo earlier today, trying to get a close up of the rash on his neck.

On the home front, Coder has been amazing with the 3 other boys.  He takes it really hard when the boys are really sick, feels so helpless.  He has definitely had to put that worry and stress aside to take care of the boys and not sure them how worried he is.  I worry most about Pichu, he is my baby, I have alot of guilt right now because I'm not able to be in two places at once. I can't feed him to sleep, and even though I knew breastfeeding was coming to a close, I didn't want it to be like this.  

On a lighter note, Coder told me today he had always wondered what the big deal was when I mentioned I hadn't had breakfast until x time of day, be it even 11am or later sometimes.  He knows now... he had breakfast at 2.30pm today.    

Tomorrow is Monday, there are school lunches to be made, uniforms to be found, show and tell items to be sorted and 2 parent/teacher interviews to be had.  Wish him luck!

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  1. Oh Sophie! That must be so heartbreaking for you to see your little man like that :( and how exhausting! Hang in there, wishing Oshawott a speedy recovery xx

  2. Oh that sounds like such an ordeal... how terrible for you to have to go through that - and your poor little guy - he seems so brave! I hope that now that it is worked out what is wrong with him that he can get better as fast as possible!

  3. Sick children happen to the rage at the moment... Hope your boy mends quickly and you can get some much deserved shut eye! You poor thing... Hang in there Sophie...

  4. Poor little man. I hope he gets better soon. It just breaks your heart to see them unwell.

    1. He is all better now, just one more follow up app in Sept. Thanks for visiting!

  5. What a nightmare! That sounds so traumatic, but also like you are coping and taking it in your stride. Hope your little man is on the mend now.

    1. Thanks Sarah, yes he is back to his normal (bossy) self!

      Thanks for reading.

  6. What a little trooper. Happy to hear he is recovering x

  7. Mate, that sounds like the most major of suckages! I can't imagine how hard it must be for all of you. Hoping your little man gets better as fast as possible and you can all be back at home together again.

  8. i am glad to hear is has recovered (reading form others comments). so so sad about those newborn babies

  9. Glad you have your bossy man back! Sounds like you have been through a lot lately. Hope you can get some rest now that he's back to his normal self.


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