Sunday 9 September 2012

Spring snowball fight (Father's Day part 2)

Following on from my last post, as promised, I have some snowball action shots to share with you.

Never a better way to welcome Spring then with a snowball fight!  Pichu unfortunately missed out completely on the snow play because he was asleep. 

There were a few moments where the boys worked together to ambush Daddy,  this was nice to see, as they usually make everything into a competition.  If there is ever an Olympic sport for being the first one to finish weeing in the toilet, touching the car first, climbing out of the bath first or being first off the trampoline, then book me a ticket now because I'm going to be an Olympians Mother!

Lesson learned: Sometimes your brothers can be an asset in boosting the fire power of a snowball attack.  

Lesson learned: Working together can bring down even the most fearsome snowball throwers.

Lesson learned: Turning around quickly prevents copping a snowball to your stomach.

Lesson learned: Fingers are warmer in your mouth then out.

Lesson learned: Snow is cold, pockets are good.

Lesson learned: Run Forest run!

Lesson learned: Daddy's snowball retaliation can be brutal. 

It was such a fun relaxing day (once you filter out all of the complaining).  And to give them credit it was a long way to walk and they did a great job.
Pichu had a 2 hour nap that afternoon, waking up just moments before being handed an icecream.  What a way to wake up! 


  1. Oh it's been 5 years since I've been to the snow and I dream of the year I can take Sunny to the snow! I love watching kids try to move about in their padded suits!

    Next year................

    1. We've had it snow up here at the house, unfortunately it melts as it touches the ground, so not really snow man making material. Funny, it didn't even cross their minds to make a snowman, it was all about the missiles!

      When you do manage to get to the snow, Sunny will LOVE it!


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