Thursday 15 November 2012

Boom Boom Balloon!

Think of one of the most stressful surprise sounds you can imagine.  A balloon popping? Yep that's what I was thinking.  We've all had it happen, or seen it happen to an innocent little toddler or a young child.  The devastation on their faces, the laughter of others as they watch on, and then the crying.  It's very cute when it doesn't happen to you.

But how do -you- like balloons popping unexpectedly in your face?  No fun is it, gives you quite a fright?  Makes your heart beat a little faster and your cheeks get a little redder?  It does me.  Not to mention the incredibly girly squeal that escapes my mouth somehow.

Now what if I told you you could have that 'fun' repeatedly in the comfort of your own home?! 

And let's not be as boring as to just blow up balloons and pop them.  There is no surprise factor in that.  Someone in Holland has done the hard work for you, by having this great idea, designing it, creating it, testing it, packaging it, marketing it, and selling it.  Viola'!

Always wanted the most stressful game ever, well here it is, Bumm Bumm Ballon!  Which translates to Boom Boom Balloon.  It consists of a frame, holding in place the balloon, and a pile of grey probes that slot into holes in the frame in increments.  You take turns to role the dice to see how many, either 1, 2 or 3 increments you have to move the probes.

I try not to be roped into playing it, I can't handle it, and even try to be in a different room when it's being played.

I bet you are wondering why we even have it?  It was a gift from the main artist Coder uses for his games and apps.  She did the artwork on the box.  Now -that- part is great!

You never knew a balloon could withstand such force now did you! 

Luckily it doesn't make a huge pop when it bursts, but it is still full of suspense!

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