Friday 31 May 2013

Winter is coming, it's here tomorrow in fact!

With our days in the warmth drawing to a close I began to think about our upcoming winter in Tassie.  "Winter is Coming" (in a dark gloomy ominous voice like on The Game of Thrones) sums it up nicely I think.  I dread it.  I dread it for a couple of reasons, my own personal comfort being a small part.  But mostly I am afraid.  Afraid that Oshawott will get sick again.  We have had 4 winters here now, and 3 of those he has had to be admitted to hospital, of course the worse being for Pertussis.

As a reminder of the imminent winter, on his 7th Birthday yesterday, Voltorb was home sick, and last night I took him to the ER for Croup.  He is fine, just needed a dose of steroids and sent us on the way again.   Happy Birthday! 

We are in a much better position then 4 years ago though, we are armed with knowledge and experience.  We have also armed ourselves with an oximeter, which is a little contraption that goes onto your finger to gauge oxygen saturation. 

Last week we had our first frost up here at The Oaks.  First of many.  Cold winter mornings, iced over car windows, not to mention the butt freezing sidelines of Saturday soccer!  My fingers and toes are cold now just thinking about it!

Frosty morningFrosty morning

Frosty morningFrosty morning

 A frosty reception for the frost at first.

Frosty morning

Frosty morning

Frosty morning

I am linking with Always Josefa for Conversations over Coffee (Winter) and Grace (With Some Grace) for FYBF.

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