Tuesday 26 November 2013

The boat crossing - Take 2.

During the last school holidays I again took the boys to Broken Hill.  We flew over, and seeing as we have done this numerous times they all are fantastic travelers.  And more importantly, fantastic airport waiters.  And not of the drinks kind, because that sure would be nice if it wasn't me playing waiter and server, chief nappy changer and rock the toddler to sleep Officer.  

Melbourne Airport camp

 Yes that is an uncooperative Pichu far in the distance.

It takes 3 planes, and 2 sessions of airport camping (hours and hours) before we make it to our destination.  One of our camping spots is Mildura airport.  The staff there all know us well, and it is so nice to receive their compliments on the good behaviour of the boys.  But no pressure for the next time you visit, because that is how I feel!  

This time around, as they become more comfortable in this frequent location, they begin to be more 'adventurous' with their waiting skills.  At one time there may have been an obstacle course set up across the really cool and perfectly sized ottoman seats, and don't go letting a table get in your way, no Sir!  The tables are the same height as the seating, so I can see how they may have been confused as to their intended use.  In my mind I was weighing up their entertainment and exercise needs against just how bad it did look as they slid across table tops.  I'll give them some credit, they at least took their shoes off! Luckily we were the only ones in the whole room, except for the cafe staff, so I let them have a few minutes of fun before Mean Mummy had to step in.

 All is calm again.

This was unfortunate for the solitary spider in the room that had the misfortune of crossing the floor under our table.  It was the size of a pea, so I can see why he was such a big threat, causing much reshuffling of belongs and seating positions.  It was lucky to have me on it's side, giving it that much need time to safely cross the floor and hide in the skirting of the wall. 

Toy throwing was the next airport waiting sport.  But when you are very good at throwing (or maybe it's very bad!), bad things are bound to happen.  

Toy was thrown.  Toy got stuck on a high railing across the window.  No problem, just throw another toy to knock down stuck toy.  Another toy on the ledge.  Lesson not learned this process was repeated, several times.  That's ok, next he decided he should just climb up the window railings and get them himself.  Ingenious (sigh).  But he couldn't reach!

 It's not working Voltorb!

 Big brother to the rescue!

Short lived spectator sport.

At the end of our holiday we picked up our new car from Broken Hill Toyota.  And there is only one way to get a car to Tasmania, and it involves something that I have dreaded for 5 years.  Crossing the Bass Straight on the Spirit of Tasmania.   I do not fear boats, or water.  Well wait, I do actually have a dam phobia.  But boats are ok, as long as they are not near a dam.

You see, we have done this crossing before. When we first moved to Tassie, 5 years earlier, we obviously needed to take our car with us, and not knowing of the perils ahead we looked forward to this new adventure.  I can almost laugh about it now (almost), but at the time it was pure hell.   So you have alot of water surrounding you, cramped cabins, tight time schedules and you are traveling with a 4 and 2 year old, plus a newborn thrown in for good measure it became clear that this was not going to be fun.  I won't go into details except to warn everyone not to let their young children nap in the car just hours before boarding the boat.  You will want them to be tired, trust me! 

So anyway, I was quite verbally dreading the second boat crossing.  Especially now with another child in the family.

But 5 years really does make a big difference!  Plus I did not allow any naps after lunch time.  Not that my boys sleep in the car anymore anyway.  The first day of travelling, which was about 8 hours, the only sleeper was Pichu and he fought it until he could fight no longer. 

Car pirates.

 Finally giving in to sleep.  But his head kept dropping down so I tied him up!

This time we had to have 2 cabins also, to fit everyone in, so that helped keep the possible chaos at bay.  Plus, Legoman was 9 this time, and when needed, he can be very responsible and help with the younger ones.  A vast difference to the little 4 year old firecracker that liked to stir his brother up at every dull moment.

Because the boys and I had holidayed without Coder again (who had to work) my Brother-in-Law was with us, he had kindly offered to drive us home.  Which is no small offer, it was around 1300 kms plus an ocean crossing!

We had queued the car early, so once on board, we were able to get seats in the dining area and have an almost civilised dinner.   We then took the boys outside to watch as we left the dock.  And even though they had not slept all day, and had been traveling for 2 days, they still messed around going to sleep!  But, 5 years earlier when bedtime was well past 10pm, I was happy with an 8pm bedtime.


Dinner and a show.

Inside the cabin.

In the morning, we went straight to the car when our level was announced, made it fairly quickly through customs and had breakfast onshore.  We then only had a few hours to drive to finally be home.

Have you ever been on the Spirit of Tasmania?

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