Monday 16 April 2012

Christmas in Coolum

Having just started this blog a few days ago I am going to go back and pick certain dates or months and write something about them, mainly to help me and the boys in the future remember them.

We had Christmas in Coolum with most of the family.  Grammy was spending Christmas in Mildura, as it was too far to travel up to Qld.   Along with my sisters family we rented out a house at Coolum Beach.  So there we were, 4 adults, 7 children, 1 baby, 1 dog, in a 3 bedroom house.  Most people would shudder at the thought, but I (and I hope they too) loved it.  We just piled bodies wherever we could fit them, 5 kids in one room, some in the lounge room, and some in the adults rooms.  Best thing about the house? the in-ground pool!  Oh how the kids loved that pool.  Was not an uncommon morning ritual (at 8 in the morning!) for them to be splashing about in the pool.  Any moment we spent at home revolved around the pool, either in it, getting splashed by it, warming yourself on the pavers after being in it, or whining about wanting to go in it. (much of the latter!)  Fun days.

My eldest sister and her family live on the Sunshine Coast, and were just 20mins away, and our parents stayed with them for the holiday.  The cousins loved playing together, all 10 of them! What's great about having so many cousins together is that (usually) no one feels left out, there will always be someone to play with.  Many different dynamics are possible with such a age range, from 1 to 14yrs.  Pichu doesn't always play nice with others, but even he (at times) would find himself drawn into a game or two.

Here are some holiday snaps.

 Legoman and cousin enjoying the pool.

 Same ripped cousin physique.


 Help! I'm falling! Very convincing.

Even Dexter got into the spirit!

 Enemies on land, these two siblings seem to tolerate each other in the water, a rare sight indeed!

7/10 of the cousins

Trying to explain himself...

Apparently it was quite an explanation!

Oshawott trying on someones goggles.

Cousin donut, the best kind!

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