Thursday 5 April 2012


So I have not had my iPhone 4s for over a week now, *shakes*.  Thanks to my youngest and most vocal child, who thought, upon finding this white shiny treasure in the lounge room to bring it into Mummy because he's a smart cookie and knows Mummy always has her phone with her.  Unfortunately for all involved (well, except Pichu because he really didn't seem to share my horror, go figure!) the 4s was sporting a new look, and alas it wasn't one of those pretend cracked photos you can set as your background.  Massive crack! He (no kidding) followed me into the bathroom, picking the phone up along the way, so all of about 30secs to a a minute and the damage was done, somewhere between a carpeted lounge room and 3 metres of floor boards to be exact.  Well not to mention various walls, door, toys and door frames I suppose. 

The 4s then went in for repair, and $149 later, viola! All fixed.  Yay.  But no, nothing is that simple in this house, honestly, it never is.  It had a delay on the touch screen, very annoying, making it almost impossible to play Draw Something!  Frustrating.  But it got worse, when being charged it just continually restarted itself.  And then to top it all off, it would flash a horrible yellow colour and turn off.  So it went back in for repair, and they couldn't fix it after changing numerous parts.  Off to apple it went and was deemed unrepairable and also, they could not even back it up.  600+ photos plus numerous videos (including those of Indy learning to walk!) were gone.  I was freaking out, internally anyway (mostly!).  I had photos saved on my computer up until mid January only.  My hope lay in iCloud, which is pretty scary in itself because those of you that know, iCloud is pretty frustrating! Mainly because it is always full and wants you to spend $$ on more storage.  This I had not ever done, but just closed the annoying prompt every time, rather then investigating. Oops. 

Many hours of freaking out, and trying to remember all of the photos I had lost later.. today I uploaded a pic to facebook from my iPhone 3 and there.. under photo stream were all of the lost photos!  Or so I thought, but photo stream only holds so many photos, but at least not all lost!

Lesson learned? Yes.

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