Tuesday 3 April 2012


Legoman is struggling with spelling, his teacher is concerned.. actually, her exact description for his spelling ability was 'atrocious', not a good sign.  So, so far today I have spoken to his teacher, his speech pathologist, a tutor, and Coder, all trying to figure out the direction we need to take.  Friday, Good Friday actually, will be our (his) first session with a tutor.  I am feeling a little bit relieved for now, knowing we are hopefully moving in the right direction, well at least we have a plan of action.  His numeracy is excellent, literacy is ok, spelling is atrocious.  Quite a jump!  Last year Legoman received an 'Improvement in Literacy' award at the end of year assembly, along with a $40 book gift voucher. He tried so hard, his reading improved so much last year. We were so proud of him, and he was very proud of himself too.

We have struggled with Pichu, his eating and weight gain, his tantrums and temper.  Today Pichu had his 18 month health check.  What a relief he has moved up from the 3% line and is now above the 10% line for weight and height.  Tantrums? Oh yes, that's definitely an age thing, oookay... well I don't remember the other 3 being quite so colourful in their display of disagreeing with a decision.  Oh well, I can handle that for now. Temper, yep! its going to be frustrating with 3 older brothers to compete and/or play with, and not be able to communicate easily with words.  True!  So I can check that off my worry list for now also.

Oshawott is pretty cruisey at the mo, he is easier to discipline than the big boys because he actually still cares if Mummy is unhappy with his actions.  I shall enjoy that while it lasts, these days are numbered!  He is loving Grasshoppers (the preschool he goes to Friday mornings) again, he did have a few weeks of not wanting to go, but was a trooper and always stayed, was happy and had a blast with his new friends while Mummy "goes to the shops to buy his milk".  Ahh the things we do!  I do feel he just gets jumbled around from one after school activity to the next, in between shopping with Mummy, having coffee with friends or being at home while Pichu naps and missing his big brothers.  Grasshoppers is just for him, and he loves having that.

Voltorb is progressing well at school, they are learning the magical words. He laps it up, loves it.  Which is nice to have a willing participant in the nightly home reading ritual.  He received an award at last weeks assembly, for 'Thoughtful and detailed artwork'.  Way to go Voltorb!   His teacher has purchased him his own special art book because he loves to draw so much and has found her special stash of good paper.  They are meant to use the scrap paper, but sneaky Voltrob found the good stuff!  You just never know when the next masterpiece is going to turn up I suppose.

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