Monday 2 April 2012

Blank Page

So here I am, staring at a blank blog page.  I have been reluctant to "blog", I still am to be honest.  This may never even go public, which actually helps to write, because I really don't feel like it's interesting enough to send out to the world.  So mainly I blog for myself, and my boys.  I have four boys, they are gorgeous, funny, loving, caring boys.. oh, forgot to mention, mischievous, cheeky, and honestly, very trying at times! But aren't they all?  No seriously, are they?  I wonder...

I also blog to record my progress as an amateur photographer, and lets make no mistake with the word amateur, extreme amateur would probably be a better description.  I wish I felt more confident, but I just don't.  I studied photography in high school, even took the subject for my HSC.  But how foolish was I to think I could just buy a fancy new camera and it would just be a walk in the park.  It's not.  I am not using my camera to the best of its potential, not even a little bit! What an injustice to such a beautiful piece of equipment!  

So this blog will mainly be photo's, the good and the bad! Probably ALOT of bad.  Sorry in advance.

The camera

I have wanted a DSLR for many many years. I have 35mm Nikkormat SLR, it was manufactured in the 1970's and was (is) just amazing.  It was an 18th Birthday present from my parents.  I loved it from the second I saw it, and it soon proved it's worth in amazingly clear photos.  I will have to dig up some old photos one of these days (you know, when I get a spare minute!) which is just hilarious as I start to blog, taking up the time I should be loading the washing machine or emptying the dishwasher.  It is a rare moment that I get to sit at my laptop and do something for myself, it's usually putting in passwords for websites for the boys (Reading Eggs, Minecraft, Terraria, WoW), or paying the bills, and online grocery shopping (best thing -ever-).  But I digress.

Nikon D7000, how I love thee!  I promise I will get to know you as you deserve, I will try to use you to your best potential, and I will try to keep the children from dropping you!  Coder surprised me with a new lens after getting home from our extended Christmas in Broken Hill.  Its s 55-300mm VR, it has a hood! which is super cool! (see my noobness!?) 

This is the 8th photo ever taken with the D7000. Sorry for the unflattering photo Oshawott, Mummy is just learning! This is taken in full auto, with inbuilt flash, and red eye to boot!  This is unedited.  I actually do not have an editing program yet, but plan to get Lightroom soon.  So my aim, no surprise, is to get out of auto.

I have found a really helpful website, with video tutorials on how to use the D7000, beginner guides to shutter speed, apertures and everything in between.  When I get a spare quiet moment I try to watch a video, or read a post.  Spare quiet moments happen rarely in daylight hours, and if they do I am snapping up the opportunity to do home reading with Legoman and Voltorb, or going over the Magical Words with Voltorb.  Poor Voltorb, I feel bad for him, he is a trooper, learning to read to the relaxing sounds of the screeching banshee that we call Pichu.  Pichu does NOT like Mummy (seemingly) ignoring him, Mummy must jump to his every grunt or mumble, didn't you get the memo mum?  Coder has been taking Pichu on walks with Elsie so I can prepare dinner and get the home reading done in peace.  He pops Pichu in the back pack and off they go.  Pichu loves it, which is nice, because Pichu doesn't love much.  Except Mummy.  And Milk.  Daddy and brothers are okay.. More on that later!

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