Thursday 10 May 2012

Some photos from Broken Hill (January 2012)

We spent 5 weeks in Broken Hill after Christmas.  Just me and the boys as Coder had to come back to Hobart for work.  We were basically squatters in our own house.  We have a rental property there and by some freaky coincidence the renter moved out right before Christmas, rather then re-renting it straight away I had a light bulb moment.  We could stay there!  So a few mattresses were chucked on the floor, my family supplied us with a few other mod cons, tv, folding chairs and table, kettle, microwave, and I bought a cheap little bar fridge. Pichu had an ancient wrought iron cot to sleep in, they don't make them like that anymore! Luckily... the standard cot mattress didn't fit you see, and there was a gaping hole at each end.  But enough about Australian safety standards, here are some photos.

 Not sure if we overdid the furnishings in the nursery?

 What? You don't like you antique cot? Fussy!

 Luckily he slept in it without too many problems, 
just don't put him in it during waking hours!

Legoman enjoying his exotic holiday escape.

 Not a lot of toys to play with at the house... But it's
amazing just how much fun a box can be.

And a laundry basket.

 Then there was the many adventures we had out and about in Broken Hill.

Train Museum


 Muddy Puddles

 Disused mining equipment display

 I had to quickly snap this and run over to catch Pichu!

 I doubt there has ever been a dragon using this equipment before.

Honey, I shrunk the 8 cousins!

 She was determined to get it working.  
Red wire goes here... blue wire over here.



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