Tuesday 8 May 2012

Wheels in motion

We have signed and paid a deposit to a design firm to completely re-design and extend our house.  The result will be a house twice the size, including new kitchen (yay yay!), master with en suite, new living area inside, living area out the back, and a new deck.  The current layout will be changed around, which means the current kitchen will be a bedroom.  This planning stage of the process will take 26 weeks, which includes council approval.  This is all before any builders get involved, at all.  It's a 12 month process from concept to completion. Last Friday the fire assessment was done, the surveyor is next, then the designer will come and do a complete measure so he can start with the plans.

Coder really wants the electricity pole removed and instead have it run under ground.  We will submit a request to see how much that will be, but i'm thinking, because they will have to dig and drill through quite a lot of rock, that it will be 10 - 50k.  Eek!  It is quite an eyesore really, it gets in the way of my 'deck view' photos.  I have to stand on tippy toes, and move around to get a good shot with out the pole in the way.

Here are a few deck view photos.

Looking straight down the valley.

Looking towards other direction.
 We get some pretty awesome sunsets.

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