Saturday 28 April 2012

My best from Binalong (March)

In March we had a visitor, Grandpa from America came to stay for 3 weeks.  On the long weekend we headed up the East coast of Tassie to the Bay of Fires and rented a house on the beach at Binalong Bay.  I had my camera and was trying hard to figure it out a bit more.  I took alot of photos, but there are a few that actually turned out ok.  They aren't great, but I think they are ok.  None of them have been edited yet, so they will be better.  The composition isn't all that great on most of them, and the focus could be improved on some too. 

One of my favs. Oshawott is throwing a handful of sand. The water colour was so amazing.

Coder having some fun.

Something about his eyes, such an intense look, cutting right into me.

So cute, headed to Grandpa.

A cheeky face captured.

Not completely in focus.

Just thought the wave in the background looked pretty cool.

Cool looking stump.

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