Monday 30 April 2012

The boy that won't sit

In the bath at least.  Pichu will not sit in the bath, which makes it a slightly more difficult endeavour.  It all started in Coolum, at Christmas time.  At home Pichu used to use a bath seat in the bath, and he loved bath time.  When packing for a 7 week holiday, including 8 plane flights, a bath seat is not on the top of my to-pack list, there was just no room after I squeezed in the kitchen sink.

So first bath at the holiday house, Pichu stood watching  it fill as usual, excited, waiting in all his little nudiness.  But that was when it all went south.  He freaked when I tried to lower him in.  Freaked was an understatement, back arched to the max, lungs opened full tilt, he even had the koala grip happening.  I splashed some water on him, and we called it a bath.  I thought it was a one off, but it wasn't.  Ever since then he has not sat down in the bath.  That's since December!  He stands in the bath now, and that's an improvement actually, because for a few weeks he wouldn't do that.  He would stand on the other side of the bath and happily play, I would have to dunk him at the end to get him somewhat clean.

So now we are in a better place with bath time.  He is at least inside the bath.

See? Happy.

There are lot's of things you can do in the bath...

Cup filling.

Playing with cars. (I think I need to do some laundry...)

Fishing for toys. Notice the death grip on the side of the bath.

Covering your brother with bubbles.

Tasting the bubbles. 

... but sitting? No, not one of them.  The last picture was the end of this bath, he managed to suck some water up his nose and that was a first for Pichu.  So now i'm dreading tomorrow, hoping he doesn't remember!

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