Monday 3 September 2012

I like to multi-task.

How to instantly clean your bathroom floor, wash every towel in the house, AND completely empty your hot water system?

First, squirt enough bubble bath to cleanse a small nation, turn on taps, close the door and forget all about it.

You too could have a instantly clean bathroom floor, become the catalyst for washing every towel and bathmat in the house, and then have the privileged of not being able to have your shower at night! 

It's funny now.  Well almost funny, once I have finished washing an drying the 4 loads of towels and bathmats I am certain it will seem funnier.

Ironic part of this whole thing? I closed the door so Pichu wouldn't hear the bath filling up again, he had already had a bath that day, I really didn't want the hassle of doing that again.  Because it all ended up a shemozzle, with towels and people flying everywhere trying to soak up the water before it escaped into any more rooms (3 was enough!), he saw the bath was lovely and full, and promptly indicated that he would greatly appreciate being put in the bath, again.

It was blatantly obvious it was all my fault, and I made it clear to the boys it was (it's ok to make mistakes you know!).  Yet Legoman, the little sweet heart, was trying to take the fall for me, telling me it was his fault.  And very seriously too.  Funny kid.  He also took over the towel tossing duties, becoming foreman of the -Great Overfilling Bath- extravaganza.


  1. Oh Sophie! I'm laughing at this one but I'm sure it was a "Oh S@#T!" moment!

    When my nephew was much smaller he was over our place and managed to plug up the bathroom sink and couldn't turn the tap off so he left it and closed the door... Well we had a wooden vanity which was completely RUINED from the over flowing water! We scored a new bathroom after that! Perhpas I should do that in the kitchen and then maybe we'll have to re-do it!

    Hope nothing was ruined?!

  2. That sounds very much like something that I would do! I often close the door so that children don't all nude up simultaneously as soon as they hear the water running! I think I might need to pay more attention in future to avoid this happening in my house.


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