Saturday 15 September 2012

My day out begins. (Nikon school)

Saturday I was in Melbourne for a 1 day intermediate photography course with the Nikon School.

I'm sitting in McCafe waiting for 9.30 to hurry up and get here.

My day started like this...

I heard pichu scream through the monitor, precisely timed 1 hour (uncanny) before my alarm was set to wake me.  This meant I started the day bright eyed and bushy tailed after just 4 hours of sleep. Might have been a bad dream because he easily drifted back to sleep with a few head pats (his favourite).  But it was too late for me, I did attempt to return to sleepy land, but on returning to my bed and finding Oshawott sprawled across the bed, arms wide, one slapping Daddy in the face and one holding my pillow hostage, I gave up on that notion. Instead opting to just get ready for my big day out.

The spider in the bathroom slowed me down slightly as I weighed up the chances of it launching itself off the wall to attack me. Logic and tiredness won the mind battle and I didn't even get out the vacuum cleaner to suck it up like I usually would. 

I tried to quietly leave the house. Forgot my phone, had to go back and get it, then the dog heard me as I got to the car and assuming it was a wallaby come to steal it, started barking.  It was 4.45am, the rooster was crowing,  not bothering to poise himself gracefully on a fence post, but from the warmth and cosiness of his roost.

After hearing many stories off near miss spider attacks from Coder I was hesitant to take his car to the airport... In the dark, but I had no choice.  The drive to the airport was incident free at least, except for remembering his car was a manual and occasionally forgetting to change gears. But the good news is that it can maneuver around a roundabout in 4th gear!

One drawback to not traveling alone with 4 young children is apparently you look more suspicious.  I was 'randomly' selected for the drug swab test.  I love how he casually chatted to me about my travel plans as he swabbed my armpits, pockets and luggage for amphetamines! 

The one time that I am flying by myself (in 8 years) and could enjoy a snack and hot drink on my very own seat tray they didn't have any cheese and crackers!  They don't have perishables from Hobart. Right, I forgot Hobart is a third world state. No wonder Tasmanians like to think of themselves as completely separate to the mainland, look at how we are treated!  

It is ok, I can live without the snack because I am actually enjoying being able to use my own iPad, whilst listening to other people having to deal with their screaming children. Ah the memories of just yesterday, still so fresh, like a tantrum snapshot permanently frozen in my mind.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time!!! xx

  2. I love those rare moments when the screaming kids are not your own. Enjoy!

    1. Yes Sim, makes me smile on the inside knowing that other people have screamers just like me.


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