Tuesday 11 December 2012

Movember Mugshot

Yes, I do realise it's December, and Movemeber was all of 2 weeks ago, but finally I am taking the time to make fun of my Brother-in-Law (BIL).  One just cannot pass up such an opportunity as if given to me on a silver platter.  

My BIL is practically my brother.  I have known him since my sister started to 'go out' with him when she was 17.  I was 13 and I used to be the third wheel in that relationship -all- of the time.   We even purchased our first Nintendo together (I still owe my sister $18, left over from my portion of that), and once they bought their house, I had my own room, staying over every weekend.

We often joke around with each other, well except that time he set my arm on fire, because that wasn't so funny at the time.  But! He did extinguish it!   Seriously.  I was helping (or not so, it turned out) with the BBQ, I reached across to turn something over at the same time he was beating a steak to get the fat dripping off.  Whoosh!  Up went the flames, they lovingly leapt onto my flannelette shirt (yes I was very fashionable).

He has always been there to help, nothing is ever a hassle for him.  For example, 15 years ago he drove me to Adelaide to pick Coder up when he flew in from the USA.  And for those of you that missed how all that turned out, read up here.

He also rebuilt my first car for me.  With my help of course, which I assumed was invaluable.  Those 2 years of Automotive I took at tech in year 11/12 made me an expert you know.  Or so I thought.
How cute is this car?  Shame that I never did get to use it, as it ended up being sold off for a plane ticket later down the track.  (for a tidy profit I might add)

 This is Benny, the itty bitty Nissan ute.

So back to Movember!  Movember is an initiative of Beyond Blue and the Prostate cancer Foundation of Australia, and raises awareness for Men's health issues.

My BIL participates in this every year.  This year I asked my sister to take a few photo's of him so that I could see how it was all going.  Now I said I was going to make fun of him, but I am really not.  I think it's a great cause, and seeing as he didn't look too ridiculous (I mean, it really could have been worse) I will spare him any embarrassment and let the photo's do the talking.

Looking a bit grey there B.

Ah yep, just shave those bits off.

Taken not long before he shaved it all off.  It was the perfect accessory for the "Pimp's and Pro's" team when they took part in the School's fundraising car rally held recently.  Yes, that is my sister... I am so proud! 

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