Tuesday 12 March 2013

Snakes Alive! (Snake Party + Creeper Cake)

In February we celebrated Legoman's 9th Birthday.  It's been a little bit busy around here lately, but now I am finally able to share some highlights.

It was another scorcher of a day, for those of you that remember his 8th party, it was a similarly horrible day.  Not for me of course, I -love- the heat.  But for most Taswegians.. well they all just about die in the heat.

We were celebrating with a joint party with a friend who also turned 9 around the same time.

Picture a hot, clear, still day.   Now throw in no air conditioning, 30 kids, 15 adults and a box full of lizards and poisonous snakes.  It was certainly a day to remember!

We had arranged a "Snake Man" to come and give a demonstration months before, and we were not disappointed!  We all got to see the extremely poisonous Tiger Snake up close and personal, the kids were wowed with rare frogs, snake skins, lizards and even a hold of a carpet python.

Teeth that point backwards to prevent prey from escaping.

 The deadly Tiger Snake.

 "Ssso, come around here much?"

I embarked on the nearly impossible task of capturing at least one good photo of each child.  We had decided to give each guest a photo rather then a party bag.  

One of the Birthday boys.

 "Ssso you like partiesss too? Have you tried the ssshrimp?"

To mix things up a little, there was a flying fox line, a geo caching treasure hunt, water bombs, water guns and of course lots of food!

 Sure looks safe!

 Younger brother has his sights set on Birthday boy!

The cake that was requested was none other then a Creeper from Minecraft, and I decided it was a good time to tryout fondant, a first for me!  I must say, it turned out better then I expected!  He was really chuffed with his cake and super proud to show it off to his friends. Win!

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