Tuesday 21 May 2013

The Brain Website

Legoman is the master of his domain.  At times his imagination churns over at a million miles a minute, he is hilarious and he doesn't even know it most of the time. 

He turned 9 in February, so whereas it's wonderful to see him growing into a considerate, creative and helpful pre-teen (or even a pre-tWeen), it is also becoming a battle field of negotiating independence.  He desperately wants to do more things, by himself.  Most of these are fine and dandy with me.  If he is hungry he will make himself something to eat.  Thirsty? He will make himself a hot choc or even some soup.  If he is feeling lazy he will try and get away with asking me to do it.  Sometimes I do, depending on the request.  I fall into the trap of "Well I am already doing that for x, y, and z, what's another?"

On the flip side we are getting attitude like you wouldn't believe at times!  He sometimes talks back, and he threatens things like "I will just walk down and get it myself!" (speaking of something he wants at the supermarket, which is 3mins away in the car, but along a country road).

He wants to to walk off on his own when we go out, to explore by himself.  I like to be able to see him at all times, so we struggle with "Stay where I can see you" alot.   But I do understand his need and the importance of nurturing his independence, as long as it is in a safe environment.  He thrives on responsibility, yet it comes at a cost of him then feeling superior to his brothers and then taking on a parenting role.  It is such a fine line we walk. 

Legoman is a bit of a ringleader with his group of friends, not always, but with some things, like creative play, he is the master.   Last year he created the Spy Team.  He had a group of friends in the Team, they talked about spy things, made spy plans, they drew spy pictures and created spy books.

He made grand plans of having a Spy Team headquarters, and discussed it's plans with us often.  Unfortunately we couldn't accommodate his 4 roomed headquarter mansion, so he made do with a conglomeration of old bits of pieces, dragged up onto a patch of fallen trees behind the house on the hill. 

We once had 3 of the Spy Team over for a mass sleep over and Spy Team regatta.  Of course, no details can be discussed because of it's highly secretive nature.  Though I can disclose that there may or may not have been water bomb fights, Minecraft marathons, and a pop-corned movie.

This year the Spy Team is on the backburner, and instead he has created...

The Brain Website!

Oh my goodness, where do I start with this!  He is pure genius in our incredibly biased opinions.

I was going to say, basically... and then try to explain.  But it really isn't basic at all!

The Brain Website is entirely played out in ones head, and then the outcomes are discussed when the members of the website see each other (usually at school).  It is mostly accessed at bedtime, and helps induce and promote good sleep.  It is also used during lulls throughout the day. 

It is not uncommon for Legoman to completely stop what he is doing, even in mid wrestle, to announce he just has to reply to a message.

The last few times he has spoken about it there has been two teams having a fake war on The Brain Website.  One team had an arsenal of pet cats and the other had dogs.  Not for fighting with, just because.. you know, as pets.   He has been updating me with the going's on.  One member on his team kept wanting to get more cats, oh and his team won the war.. just.  Of course!

He has also had to update the website, and create new games and levels.  So at time it has to go down for maintenance.  How cute! 
He hasn't mentioned it for several weeks now, but it usually resurfaces every so often.  I've decided to buy the domain for him, in case he may want to do something with it when he is older. 

Do you ever wonder just how your kids come up with some of their imaginative play ideas?

I am linking with Essentially Jess, for IBOT (I blog on Tuesdays).  In fact, I almost didn't blog this Tuesday thanks to to coffee spill on my laptop yesterday afternoon.  Luckily it seems to be ok, except for the keyboard that no longer works, but I have plugged in a USB keyboard until I figure out what to do next.

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