Thursday 16 May 2013

BTC - Behind the Camera - May 2013

You can read more about Behind the Camera (BTC) here.  But in a nutshell I just want to provide encouragement for those of use always taking the photos to make a conscious decision to be -in- photos aswell.


It can be one photo, or a series of photos.  It's up to you!

I have had alot of fun trying to capture photos this month.  From the casual, to the full posed.  The kids love doing this and it is always a great way to have some laughs.

We are a two bowl of popcorn family now.  We rented a movie on AppleTV, "Brave". Unfortunately, the brave boys that they are.. most of them did flee and find cover to hide behind.

And here is an out take:


During a Kinder excursion to the Botanical Gardens, we snuck away from the group to try and capture another timed photo.  The camera was just resting on the grass, with the lens cap propping it up slightly, luckily we were on quite a slope.  I didn't manually set a focus point first, as it was very rushed, so the camera automatically focused, and on the wrong thing!

 On the trip to Broken Hill during the last holidays, we had a pit stop at Krispy Kreme.  This was a calmer moment before the toddler started to wander off, stand on his brothers head and have a tantrum on the floor.

Me, with my sister and 2 of my Nieces. Beautiful girls that they are..  but not necessarily always happy!  I took this one using the tripod during one of the Grammy nights I was there for during our Holiday in Broken Hill.

 The boys and I with Grammy, taken by me Niece. 

Myself and two of Nieces.  Taken using a tripod at the Broken Hill Sculpture Symposium.  The girls came with me when I went just before dusk to capture the sunset (along with the 50 other tourists!).  

This was taken be my 9 year old.  I was pushing the toddler to sleep at the airport.  We had 3.5 hours between flights and the backpack stroller does not lay flat.  Well, not in the traditional sense.

As you can see some of the photos are not fantastic quality, but I am really happy to have so many photos of myself that I would have not had otherwise.  

I would love to see what you have!

Grab the BTC button from my sidebar and add that to your post so we can spread the word.

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