Tuesday 18 June 2013

Mother's Day 2013 - Thoughtfulness

A Mother's Day post, better late then never.  

How thoughtful are my gorgeous boys?

They are usually thoughtful of each others feeling (but often only after they have hurt them). They are thoughtful with their toys, and how in a family of 4 boys, nothing is really 'yours' and most things are shared. They are thoughtful with their manners and also showing respect to adults (not always Mummy and Daddy though!).

And on Mother's Day they are thoughtful of the gifts they have selected for me.  They are thoughtful to let me sleep in, and thoughtful to bring me breakfast in bed. 

I woke up early, Pichu was at the side of my bed mumbling something about something, or was that me?  I am pretty sure he was asking for food, so I told him to get some biscuits out of the drawer.  Gold parenting moment.   All was well for a little while, but then he was back, so Coder hopped out of bed and ushered him out of the room, closing the door behind him.  I drifted back to sleep, only to be woken an hour later by Legoman standing at the side of my bed holding a plate of scrambled eggs on toast.  At first I was annoyed, I had been asleep!  But I was hungry, so I ate that, drank my tea, played a bit of Candy Crush Saga and drifted back to sleep, again!

It was 9.45am before I got out of bed.  That -never- happens.  Seriously... I don't even remember if that has ever happened since having the boys.

As soon as I emerged from slumber land the boys pounced!  Each claiming a 'turn' in which order the presents would be ceremoniously distributed.

Each year the School provided a Mother's Day Stall service, where the children can take money to school and 'shop' for Mum. 

Voltorb had selected some potted flowers.  In his classroom he was given the opportunity to draw a picture to go inside a glass coaster.  I just love how the teachers go to so much trouble!  Not to mention the adorable card that he made for me!  He recently turned 7, he is such a sensitive sweet little boy.

Oshawott thoughtfully picked out a shopping list and pen set.  In the classroom they made straw necklaces and he did an amazing job sticking the flower parts onto the card in the right places.  It is 3 months until his Birthday, the time has gone so fast, he is growing up to be a clever, independent and strong willed little man.

Legoman chose some bath salts, candles and incense, because he suggested I could arrange them all in different ways to take photos of them.  Sweet boy. 

Apart from these presents, Coder also surprised me with 2 Gold Class tickets to see the new Star Trek movie.  Unfortunately I was "Nigel no friends" on that night and none of my friends could go.  So I went solo!  It was a great movie, I love Star Trek!  It was iconic really, as my first ever trip to Gold Class after we had moved to Tassie was also a Mother's Day present, 4 years earlier.  It was also to see a Star Trek movie! 

And that was my Mother's Day 2013.    

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