Tuesday 20 August 2013

House extension update.

The house extension is progressing at a steady pace.   It is keeping me busy, there is so much to do!  I had fun designing the kitchen, spending almost 3 hours there one day, and 2 another, luckily I had planned this on Oshawott's Kinder days, so I only had Pichu with me, and he was a champ! 

There has been much browsing the web, and also much running around visiting local businesses. A spot of shopping here and there means I now have all the new kitchen appliances ready in the wings.  I have picked tiles, carpet, fittings, handles and toilets, and all of the bits in between. 

I am now trying to decide on paint colour, and we still have to finalise the stain for the floor.

 The day the roofing started.

This opening will be a 4 sliding door out to the top deck.

 Taken from the new kitchen location looking towards new living space.

 Master with the robe partially built which will go across the room and conceal the ensuite with a fake wardrobe looking door in the middle.

Some of the glass is in on the bottom level.


New doors on the back of the existing potion of the house.

Looking out to the 'Loggia', which is an architectural feature that refers to a gallery or corridor of light and air.  So, basically like a mud room.


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