Tuesday 13 August 2013

Snowy Sunday. - Mount Field National Park

Sunday we decided to go on a snowy adventure.  Rather then join the hundreds of other people doing just that on Mt Wellington we thought something a little more remote would do the trick.  

One of our favourite day trips, just an hour and a half away, (or more like 2 when you factor in the obligatory stop at McDonalds) is Mt Field National Park.

After dressing the boys in all of their layers, and packing the entire rear of the Tarago with snow suits, snow boots, hats, gloves, food and of course the camera equipment, we managed to get away by 10am.  

It wasn't long before the "are we there yet?"'s started, actually it was all of 5 minutes after we left home (when we stopped for petrol in Richmond).   And again 30 minutes later when we stopped at McDonalds, and then every 10 or so minutes after that.

We let out a collective parental sigh of relief when we came across those first few patches of snow along the side of the road.   We had promised snow, and were just slightly worried there just might now be any! 

It was pretty perfect to be honest.  It was a warmish winter day, the sun poked through the clouds here and there and the snow was a plenty. 

The big complication of the day was getting everyone into their snow gear in the protection of the car, but most of all, getting gloves on the boys!  What an ordeal that turned out to be, who would have thought getting 10 gloves on 8 hands would be so difficult! (Pichu had 2 pairs)

It has been almost a year since Pichu had a brief encounter with snow, and that was before he turned 2.  So this was pretty amazing for him!

 Snowball? For me Daddy?

As you will see, this is a pretty constant theme for Oshawott.

It was a bit slushy near the carpark, so we ventured up further a little
 bit after this.  Voltorb had discarded his snow gloves and was now wearing my leather gloves.  I was taking photos so I couldn't wear my proper snow gloves, so as you can imagine my hands were pretty cold!

The recurring glove problem strikes again.

Mmm hmm.

Arming the toddler was possibly not the best idea.

But still friends.

Uhh huh.


Loving it!

Revenge is sweet!
But really, this looks so much worse then it really was.  Coder was actually aiming at Legoman, who was just out of the photo.

Watch your back Oshawott!  
He is still too busy eating snow to notice he is a target.

Ok Mummy, snow is great and all, but my hands are COLD!

The beginnings of a very inferior snowman.

Yep, still eating snow!


Pikachu snowman.

 What ya got there Oshawott?  Ah.. snow..

Headed back to the car, smuggling contraband.

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