Tuesday 13 May 2014

And then there were 5.

On the 5th day of the 5th month, our 5th son was born.  He was 3.6kgs, which is 29gms short of 8lb. So actually the smallest of the 5.

 Let the games begin.

 I had the most amazing supportive midwives. They encouraged me to assist in his delivery.

 Easy peasy lemon squeasy.

I even cut the cord!

 My sister, official labour support person, tea fetcher, chief photographer and vomit cleaner uppera person.

I am so grateful to my sister for not only coming from Broken Hill for the birth, but also for taking these amazing photos.  She was a bit worried about using the camera on manual, but I set it all up for the light conditions, and you can see why I insisted.  The photos are so intimate and special for not using a harsh flash.

Hi Mummy!

 Can't stay naked forever.

 12 hours old.

Meeting Daddy and Big Brother #4.

Getting measured. 51cms long, 35.5cm head circumference.

I was lucky to be given a special gown to use during labour.  These gown's are made by Cherub and Bliss, who make hospital apparel. This is not a sponsored post, I just was so happy with it, I wanted to share.  The alternative was a purple gingham tablecloth, so I was very happy to have something that suited my personality a bit more. I am certainly not a pink or purple kind of girl!  I had so many comments on the gown that night, every midwife I saw asked me about it. 

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