Tuesday 20 May 2014

Brotherly Love

When we first told the boys that we were going to have another baby they were really excited.  And it wasn't long before the question was asked, "Is is a girl baby or a boy baby?"   When we eventually found out they were having another brother, there was a little bit of disappointment, especially from the oldest. I think he was especially tired of being the biggest brother to all those boys.  But of course he was still eager for the arrival of brother #4.  

Pichu, the youngest at the time, had the most to gain from the new baby.  It meant his status would be upgraded to 'Big Brother'.  He was the most impatient as the weeks passed, he would ask me several times a day if the baby was coming out now.  "Baby out now?" He would say.  He would kiss my belly and give it a pat, and we would talk to him about how the baby would cry alot.  It became a running joke, the baby will just go 'Wah wah wah!" all day long. 

Thankfully he doesn't.

So after all those weeks of anticipation and having to put up with Mummy being tired and getting cranky for having to bend over to pick things up, finally the day came that they got meet their newest little brother.

It was love at first sight.

 Even after 2 weeks, the novelty hasn't worn off.  They want to see him as soon as he wakes up each time, and they race in the door after school to see him.  The older ones hold him often so I can do a few jobs here and there, they tell him that he is the cutest, smartest baby in the world and that he always will be. 

He is a very fortunate little brother, surrounded by love, and heaps of noise!

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