Tuesday 21 October 2014

Enjoying family time.

In September we were lucky to have my Mum, Dad, 2 Nieces and a nephew come to stay for a week.   The boys were beyond excited as we counted down the sleeps.  It's so lovely to see how close they are to their cousins.

We didn't do a whole mass of touristy things, it was nice to just be together.  We hung out at the local park and river, climbing trees, sliding down hills and digging clay out of the river.  We enjoyed time at the nearby cheese factory, and a few visits to the famous Richmond Bakery.   We had a play at the Aquatic Centre and a dinner at Hog's Breath.  

We even fit in a trip to the beach!

The rest of the time they played at home together.  There were many nerf wars, trips into the forest, bounces on the trampoline and a fair amount of lan games.  There was never anyone left out, there was always a few groups going on.

Baby was also Baptised. 

And now a whole lot of photo spam.  Sorry!

Not our cat.

Really.. not our cat.

Photo bomb!

Going for a surf, yeah!

Ok, that was freezing!  Couldn't feel his hands of feet.

Bunch of handsome fellows.

Mr Cuteness himself.

Looking very dapper.

Was not too happy about this.

Exhausted him!

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