Sunday 27 May 2012

Bits and Pieces

Sometimes it's the smallest of things (to us) that make a big difference to a little person.  This morning Voltorb opened one of the chocolate bars he had received at his party.  It was a Trolli Gummi Bear chocalate bar.  Perfect, it combines two of his loves, lollies and chocolate!  Not so perfect in reality as Voltorb does not like to mix his sugar groups.  Chocolate, yum! Lollies.. you bet!  Gummi Bears embedded into chocolate? What? That's crazy talk!  Voltorb was sad, he didn't like the Gummi Bear portion of his treat.  This is where Super Mum comes into play, she pulls off all the Gummi Bears, leaving just chocolate. Voltorb's eyes light up with amazement. 

Oshawott was playing with the voice changer toy while all of this was going on. Darth Vader was telling me "Mummy I love you, I love youuuu!".  Hm, I don't remember that from the movie.. "Luke, I am your father, and I love youuuu!" .

Another little thing the boys get a kick out of, is coloured yoghurt.  They have tried many colours, even though I have explained to them that the food colouring won't change the taste.  The best one yet has been grey! Something exciting about eating brain coloured slurry I suppose. Very boy of them. 

Little kisses from Pichu (who is still perfecting his technique) is also a must have at bedtime from the three other boys.  They have coined the phrase "miss kiss" and therefore another kiss is in order until it's hits the target, which is generally anywhere on their face.  Hair is a miss, as is an air kiss.  Because they are masters in bed time stall tactics this can go on for quite some time, until Pichu puts an end to the fun and games with one of his banshee screeches.  There are only so many kisses a little boy can give!  Well, this little boy in particular.

I saw this old picture on my Facebook page last week and it made me remember a comment Voltorb made once when Pichu was a tiny baby.  I must have been commenting (complaining) about Pichu having a short nap one day.  Voltorb pipes up with "I guess he didn't sleep so long because he loves me so much".  You know what, I think you might just be right!  What a lucky boy Pichu is, having such lovely big brothers.

Speaking of which, Legoman loves playing the big brother role, well, most of the time.  When we were in Broken Hill for the 5 weeks in January, he took it upon himself to help me get Voltorb and Oshawott into bed some difficult nights.  As coder was here in Hobart I had to get the 4 of them into bed by myself every night.  Legoman made up a bedtime story called "Oshawott Rocket" in which the rocket visits a different planet every night, either rescuing someone or collecting something.  Featuring in the stories was, Voltorb rocket, Legoman rocket, Pichu rocket and Mummy rocket.  We didn't do a Daddy rocket because this would make them sad at bedtime. :(  

End Permian News
Now this is very exciting news!  Coder was contacted by Amazon a few weeks ago about featuring one of his apps as their "Free App of the Day".  Woo hoo!  The Floor is Lava is up on their -Appstore for Android- front page, and will be for 24 hours.  For those of you jumping and and down with excitement, we aren't rubbing our hands together waiting for the cash to flow.  No.. it's a 'free' app, hence the "Free App of the Day".  But!  They did mention they usually get 150 thousand downloads, which is awesome.  Coder has made sure this app is well stocked with links and information on how to get their hands on his other apps.  Plus the Facebook page link of course.  (I saw Facebook and Twitter icons on a cereal box today!) 

You can check it out here.  Amazon Appstore for Android.  Share it with your friends!

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