Monday 28 May 2012

I know I shouldn't laugh but...

I know this is going to sound terrible.

Legoman was sick last week, and actually part of the week before. It was viral, and seemed to come and go for over a week.  He had a fever on a couple of these nights, one night in particular he was also hallucinating.  Now, this is common for a sick Legoman.  His cousin vomits when he has a fever, Legoman hallucinates.  

Legoman stumbled out of our room (this is the 'sick' bed) mumbling and groaning.  I recognised the signs straight away and quickly got him laying still on me so I could try to calm him down.  He was saying something about Pichu, and the controller was "over there".  After many minutes trying to extract more information I had worked out that Pichu had a 'controller' (like a remote) and Legoman was trying to get it.  Wait... what?  Hang on now, if Pichu has a controller, including a mute and sleep function, why didn't I know about this?!

We managed to get medicine into him, and lay a warm face washer on his head until the fever subsided.  When he had snapped out of it he didn't remember anything, so my interrogation about the location of the controller was fruitless.

Last time this happened he was hallucinating about little tiny balls flying around in front of his face, he was actually scooping them into his mouth with a goofy grin on his face, they tasted like sugar!

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