Tuesday 29 May 2012

The boy that wont sit. Continued...

The boy that wont sit in the bath will now sit! Sometimes anyway, especially it seems, on the colder days.  He has realised that it is much warmer if you sit, he will still stand up often, but quickly plonks back down again.  This is great news as he actually gets clean now.  But now he likes it so much he doesn't want to get out of the bath.

It is not uncommon for him to have a 30min bath, 45mins even. We have always had boys who enjoy long luxurious baths.  An hour and a forty five minutes is the record set in Broken Hill many years ago.  Now, Voltorb and Oshawott often spend an hour in the bath.  Being the life guard on duty I try to keep myself busy, because an hour on a school night is too precious to give up.  So sometimes I shower, dry and straighten my hair, fold clothes, mend things, feed Lizzy, darn socks, and iron shirts, all within lunging distant to the bath. Okay, so I don't darn socks, or iron if I can get away with it.  But you get the picture.

He likes to bait Mummy though, he feigns wanting to get out, quickly screeching and sitting back down if I try to touch him.  Funny.  Real funny.

He doesn't like to let go.

But is very brave sometimes.

If only I believed you little Pichu.

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