Saturday 26 May 2012

Tea for two at 2:00.


Last night I went out for dinner with a big group of Mums from school.  In preparation for this very rare event I did a couple of things during the day to ensure a smooth evening for all involved.

1: Only let Pichu nap in he car for 30mins to ensure he would be tired for bed at 7pm.
2: Make a lasagna at 7am.
3: Don't let Oshawott fall asleep in the car.

One thing I could not do though, was to get Pichu to eat dinner.  This turned out to be my downfall.  It wasn't from lack of trying I can tell you! He had a mouthful of lasagna, 1 of custard, 3 of yoghurt, 4 bites of watermelon, a sip of milk and 3 tic tacs. Of course I wasn't keeping track at all.

He went to bed just fine and I left the house at 7.05pm.  It was pouring with rain, wind gusts and frogs all over the road, but that wasn't going to stop me!

I had Field Mushroom Risotto with parmesan crisps and truffle salt.  Was nice enough, bit salty.  Didn't look very appetising though.  

I had to prove to my sister I was actually out.

After another drive in the rain I was home at 11pm.  Coder tells me all has been quiet.  Yay!  I get into bed and I hear Pichu have a cry through the monitor.  He has had this uncanny ability to predict my bedtime since he was just a tiny baby.  I ignore it as usual (hah, that sounds terrible! but he normally goes back to sleep).  At 2am he doesn't stop.  I open his door to find him sitting up, "Mum".  At first I do the contortion trick and climb into the cot with him, trying to coax him back to sleep.  He is not having a bar of it, I am so tired I fall asleep in between his "Mum"'s.  Being the smart little cookie he is, he has learned how to unlock my phone and put Little Charley Bear on!  Took me awhile before I realised he was hungry and there was going to be no going back to sleep until he had a full tummy.  Might have been around the time he was pointing at the door crying.. sorry, I was tired!

So picture if you will. Tea party for two.  Me, sitting in the cot next to Pichu, peeling and de-pithing each segment of 2 mandarins to the light of the iPhone playing Little Charley Bear.   Some sips of milk and a sachet of banana custard later (plus a couple of episodes) I inform him that it was the middle of the night and time to go back to sleep.  He lies down next to me, and goes to sleep without another peep! Poor starving boy.  

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