Thursday 17 May 2012

Just an average week

We are having a party!  Well, Voltorb and one of his best friends are having a joint party at our place on Sunday.  Just 30 or so children, plus parents, nothing big. hahah... sigh.  Well he didn't have a big party last year and he wont be having one next year, possibly ever again.. depending how we are feeling by Sunday evening!  

There are party bags to organise, decorations to make, treasure hunt to plan, food to source and cook. Plus there are a few bad patches on our road I need to get at with a shovel again.  I have had a few attempts at smoothing out some big bumps and gaping crevices, but it's a long road! So of these things, party bags are not finished, decorations have not been started (except the pre-made purchased things), treasure hunt has been extensively talked about, but not planned.  Luckily its a joint party, and my fellow organiser, Mel (Coal Valley View) is doing most of the food.  But I have made meringues last night,  and brownies and banana bread today. 

On top of these things, Legoman has not been 100%.  Tuesday I had to pick him up early from school, Wednesday he had off and I took him to the Doctor.  Viral.  Of course.  Coder was working from home that day, so at least the little boys didn't have to miss out on our Wednesday morning music session at Richmond.  They love being able to play with unusual bit and bobs.  Really cool drums and bongos, bells and maracas.  Even buckets and scarves! 

So Wednesday was a little hectic, we dropped Voltorb to school, came home, quickly potted a birthday present for a friend, all the while Pichu was (over)feeding the chickens and getting chook poo all over him because I had accidentally locked them in the shed over night and they had to roost all over the place in the dark.  But that's another story!  Music started at 9, it was 9.05 when I finally had clean hands, a poop free Pichu and Oshawott with shoes on.  Off to music.  Then morning tea with the Birthday girl, home to swap a grumpy Oshawott with sick Legoman, tried to get Pichu to nap in the spare 10 mins I had.  No thanks Mum.  Great.  Back in the car to the Dr.  Viral infection confirmed, vitamin C, water and rest.  For me? Yes.. thanks Dr...  Oh right, for Legoman.  At home I had an hour to whip up some meringues, unstack/restack the dishwasher, and make lunch before heading out to get Voltorb from school and take him into Salamanca for Art Class.   Pizza for dinner, home at 5.30.  Nice surprise, Coder and Legoman had been cleaning! Then it's eating, home reading, magic words, spelling, pyjamas (no time for a bath tonight boys!), stories and bed.  Between 5.30 and 6.30 Coder also vacuumed and shampooed the lounge room carpet.  

Breathe...  all in a days work.

Today they are both at school, although once he realised he was going, Legoman suddenly had a headache.  Nice try sunshine!  The little boys and I are at home today, cooking, cleaning and hopefully doing some party decorations ( I have skulls to make!).  Soccer and hockey training this afternoon, home be around 4pm.  Luckily the slow cooker is making dinner tonight.

Here are some photos from music.

Pichu declares its home time, dragging my bag along with him.

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