Thursday 21 June 2012

Broken Hill photos, June 2012

In January, when we were squatting at our old house, I took heaps of photos in and around Broken Hill. I put a few up here, but many of those were taken on Aperture Priority. That basically means I set the F-stop and the camera selects the best shutter speed for the light conditions.

Since then I have been trying to move away from any automated settings at all, lately I have been spending alot of time shooting the same scene and adjusting the settings myself to get the best result. So our recent visit to Broken Hill was a great chance to practise some more.

I still have not gotten any editing software, I will do it soon, it's on 'the list' (in my head) of things I need to do when I have a spare moment here and there. Just like the children, when they are all asking me for this or that, I acknowledge their request or comment and place them in the queue. "Your nurturing needs are important to me, you have been placed in a queue and you will be answered as soon as possible".

So these are unedited, again. And some are dark, some were too bright that I didn't include them. :) I actually like some of the dark ones, I think it adds to the mood at the time. It's winter, the afternoons have a real chill in them.

 I said look at the camera!  But no, they were not cooperating.

 One of my nieces enjoying a healthy snack.

 Windows into the soul.

 Nothing like a half excavated back lawn to occupy a toddler.

 Love Voltorbs hair, don't you?

 Mr and Mr Seriousness.  They often got mistaken for brothers during this trip. 

 A rare photo of my youngest Niece actually looking at the camera. 

 Love this! Corrugated iron, old school.

 Think I overdid the dirt throwing thing Mum.

 Such a character. She received a merit award at school a couple of weeks ago and informed her mother it was because she was smarter and funnier then everyone else!  

 Not everyone was happy to be in the photo at that moment. And Oshawott is going to put his neck out at this rate.

 Ok yes, i'm trying to be funny.

 Seems i'm not the only one though. Or perhaps this is more serial-killerish.

 Mummy has camera! must tilt head and smile.

 Just chillin' on the side of a 70 year old train.

 Need to crop this one, but how gorgeous are those eyes!

Dark photo, but I like it.  Such a 'thinking' expression.

 Slightly out of focus, but what a happy photo!  Pichu finally gets a turn on the flying fox with his oldest cousin.

 Dark again, but Pichu being content being held by 'other'
 is worth celebrating!

 The eyes! Oh ok, and the dirty mouth.  

Don't ask me what Voltorb is doing, I think he may have been dancing.  Legoman doing his best to contain Pichu and Oshawott standing still and posing as soon as he sees me with the camera.

 Just a boy and the vast expanse of the Mundi Mundi Plains.

 Well, it's a Galah. 

Again with the thoughtful expression.

 Hi, my name is Barry.

 One of the sculptures at Broken Hill's Living Desert.

And another.

3 brothers and a horse's head. 

 Interesting pose Voltorb.

 Must... be... like... brother...but... so... hard.

Ah hah! 


  1. Hi Sophie :) thanks so much for visiting my blog and voting on my door colour! Your photos are gorgeous, I'm learning to shoot in manual too, but I have to say by the looks of these you are running rings around me :)
    Cas x

  2. Gorgeous Photos!!! I am going to have to find some time to make a cup of tea, pull up a stool and do some proper reading of this blog. Rachel xx


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