Monday 4 June 2012

Soccer Star!

Not quite.  Well, not yet!  But he sure is entertaining to watch!  Voltorb is playing soccer for the first time this year.  He is really enjoying it, which is a nice surprise.  I wasn't expecting him to like it much at all, especially after how Legoman's first season of soccer played out.  Legoman was not the best player on his team. I'm not being mean, he wasn't and he is the first to tell you that.  There were some fast little whipper snappers on his team you see, very competitive.  So much so they would just steal the ball off each other half the game.  Legoman's tactic was to study the tiny little flowers that were growing on the field, or zone out into his own little soccer world where no one has to run after the ball.  Sometimes this tactic was successful, provided the other team accidentally kicked the ball in his direction. 

Voltorb has about the same skill level as Legoman did, he will run after the ball, even kicking it if it is near by.  He isn't so keen on running.. especially not running fast.  But he has managed to score a goal!  About half way into the game he loses his soccer mojo, and any thought of running is quickly dismissed.  His enthusiasm makes up for the lack of effort though, and it is always such a laugh to watch him play.

Luckily for the team we also have a fast little whipper snapper, who basically wins all the games for us.  The others are getting better though, and winning is definitely great for team morale.

First training.  It is very serious.

Well... for most of them.

Pep talk before the big game.  First match of the season, nerves are high.

Exuberantly optimistic.

In-game antics. And yes, that is Voltorbs tongue you can see.

First goal.  Voltorb is pleased.

Just slightly.

Team photo after the victory.

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