Saturday 25 August 2012

Tooth Fairy trap!

There must be something in the water, or the toothpaste perhaps?

Legoman has lost another of his bottom row, and finally the stubborn robo terminator teeth have fallen out!  That's 4 teeth he has lost recently, the last of which came home from school Thursday taped to a piece of cardboard, decorated with a 'Super!' sticker.  It was the popcorn that pushed that one over the edge, so to speak.  Unfortunately, the popcorn was still mashed up inside the tooth!  Now ordinarily I would have made a fuss about how the Tooth Fairy would not approve, yadda yadda, but sadly he no longer believes.  And all because of a trap.  

That's right, the little ratbag set a trap for the Tooth Fairy.  Funnily enough, whist performing the money/tooth swap routine I had a gut feeling something was amiss.  He had made an unusual fuss over where the tooth would be placed you see, but I didn't put much thought into that at the time.  Later when I was fumbling around in the dark, using my iPhone for light, I had to first remove a Star Wars book that he had meticulously (it turns out) placed in such a way to foil an unsuspecting Tooth Fairy.  Because we have talked about this before, it was generally accepted by all that she uses magic to make the swap.  Fairies are way to small and delicate to lug around armfuls of teeth and gold coins from house to house.

As I removed the book, and placed it on his bed, I had a feeling I had been had.  It was too late, I couldn't recall which way around the book had been sitting on top of the empty margarine container.  I guessed.   


In the morning he was beside himself with delight that his trap had worked.  I tried to cover my tracks, but he wasn't buying it.  He had already been questioning the validity of such a magical fairy, now he had the proof.  Voltorb (who also has his first wobbly tooth) was looking up from what he was doing, so I had to quickly shush Legoman with my most intimidating glare.  Later when it was safe, I had to have the 'talk' with him.  He thinks it's pretty cool to have such an important secret.  So far, he hasn't asked outright if the Easter Bunny and Santa are real, though he has his suspicions.

Taken the day before the last of the two stubborn front teeth fell out at school.  Featuring the self administered war paint, which was later copied by one of his younger brothers.

Using a slightly different medium and much less coordination Oshawott copies his battle ready brother.

The morning that Voltorb discovered he had a wobbly tooth, when I stumbled out of bed, though I wish it was a bed, but in fact Pichu had a bad night and I ended up in the cot again, the first thing I hear was Voltorb. He pounced on me, happily announcing that he had a wobbly tooth, his first one!

Immediately after breakfast he asked for an apple, which we didn't have.  Well that was the wrong answer, I could see his little puffed out chest deflate so I told him I would get some that day for him.  Then I remembered the Charlie and Lola episode we watched oh so many times during one of our Holidays, where Lola's wobbly tooth falls out when she eats an apple.  And who said cartoons couldn't be educational!  

So I did get him some apples, and he ate 3 of them during the afternoon and evening.  He was determined!  But.. that was weeks ago now, and it's still not out, so he has given up on the apples and tells me he is just going to wait for it to fall out on its own.  That's the spirit my little go getter!

Sporting his "must get wobbly tooth out" crazy eyes.


  1. Thanks for finding my blog and for following. I'm happy to come and visit your blog and follow you too. Congrats to your son for loosing his tooth. He is too cute.

  2. Our 12 year old, even though he most definitely doesn't believe any more, has never said anything to us about the tooth fairy, Santa etc... I'm pretty sure he is concerned that he will no longer get money in exchange for teeth if he brings up the topic.

    1. I have explained to him, 'If you believe, you receive'.

      I remember that I knew about Santa a long time before letting on, I had a great time watching my elder sisters squirm to my inquisition.


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