Tuesday 4 December 2012

My Christmas list

So Christmas is fast approaching with speeds matching that of an out of control freight train.   Are you getting prepared?  I am, and loving it!  

Essentially Jess has passed on a baton of sorts, for me to make a Christmas List, and tag 5 other fellow bloggers to do the same.. and so on.

Here is mine!
In January we are starting the most exciting part of our house extension, the actual building part!  It seems like, well because it has, taken forever to get to this stage.  We started the process in May, and should be getting our first few quotes in very soon.  So my first wish is for the build to run smoothly, no unexpected snags and for a timely finish.  It will take around 4 months, as they are demolishing 2 rooms, and building 6, remodeling the current laundry, and building a massive deck.  

So to my second wish, I hope that we can manage to pay for it!  Coder has been working tirelessly on his business.  For most of the year he worked his full time job, and then came home and worked an additional 40 hours a week on his business.   It is paying off, he has been able to reduce his 'work' work hours by half, spending more time at home on his own stuff.  Which then means he actually has time on the weekends and evenings for family stuff.

This one is a big long shot.  I will elaborate on this later, as there is so much info it requires it's own blog post.  But basically I am a carrier of Retinitis Pigmentosa (a disease that degenerates the eyes, eventually leading to blindness), and the boys each have a 50% chance of having the disease.  We haven't had them tested yet as there is nothing we can do about it at the moment (there is alot of research going on, so I am fairly confident by the time it starts affecting them, there will be a solution). I really hope and wish that none of them have it, as this particular strain affects only the males on the family (girls are carriers).

Now for something frivolous..  I wish I had a Thermomix or I would even be happy with a Kitchen Aid. I don't have a proper mixer and am dreading the gingerbread season using my $16 Target hand held mixer.  So of course.. it would have to be an early gift.  I like silver and blue...  ;) 

Finally I had better wish for world peace or something.. right?   Well how about I start closer to home.  I wish Pichu would grow out of his Tanty phase.  Because it sure seems to be a long phase.  Check out my Tanty Files post from Tuesday. 

Is a wish for someone else.  Easy!  I wish my family and friends a happy, healthy Christmas and 2013!

The 5 bloggers I am tagging to make their own Christmas lists are:

Mel, at Coal Valley View
Danya Banya
Sophie, at Modern Day Mummying
Becc, at Take Charge Now
The Aussie Hausfrau  

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