Tuesday 4 December 2012

The Tanty Files - Part One.

This is our youngest son.  He turned 2 in Sept 2012.  He is a spirited little boy, loves to do big boy things, he does not respond well to the word 'No', or any other indication of you disapproval (not even a raised eyebrow).

This is his story. 

These are.. The Tanty Files.

This Tanty comes to you courtesy of 'The Brothers'.  Pichu really does know how to use the bubble blower all by himself, no one gives him a chance!   Luckily this was saved from going to a full on tanty by a compassionate brother realising and sharing.

The Birthday Tanty

"Mummy I CAN climb up the skateboard ramp all by myself, and then slide down without being injured, I CAN!"

Not a full on Tanty, but close.  He was well and truly over swimming and ready to go home.

At the Hobart Show he did not appreciate being removed from the Jumpy Castle.  This was after he ninja stealthed onto it for free mind you!

So this is the reason we don't throw Tanties on the beach?

The Church Tanty.  Seriously. You can see the arm of our friend trying to coax him out (and quieten him down).

Tanty with a view. We had been playing in the playground, and he simply didn't want to walk himself inside.

One of many coffee Tanties.

Playgroup Tanty because he did not want to wear a smock.  And then he did not want me to take it off either.  Sigh.

Same day, different Tanty. Notice.. no smock.  But a beautiful painting!

Not yet a Tanty, but teetering on the edge because he was not allowed to crush the baby chicken like a mushy pee.

The toilet Tanty.

The Tanty at his brother's Paediatric skin prick test appointment. He kept climbing up the steps in the background, balancing on the edge, and turning on the taps. They were left in the room from physical therapy sessions earlier.  I moved them after this, but it was too late.  Full on Tanty.

Play Centre Tanty.

Tanty sequence initiating.. 3.. 2..

Another coffee Tanty.

Did not want his singlet off, but would not let me put it back on either.

What do you mean I'm not allowed to stand on the bench!?

Again at the play center (different day).  I didn't want him to climb up the elastic cargo netting.  It seems really dangerous and I don't let any of the boys use it unless it is completely empty (there are about 6 levels).

Yet another bench Tanty, but he has the sense to understand a full on Tanty up there is just not very possible.

Other installments of The Tanty Files:

Pichu is a very loved little boy, he has 3 older brothers, he get's alot of attention and cuddles.  None of the other boys were tantrum throwers, so this has been an interesting time for us.  I have tried various methods, ignoring, cuddling, distracting..   

What works for us, is to let him have his moment of frustration, this is the time he just doesn't respond to me at all, if in fact I try, it just makes things worse.  He needs a few moments before he will let me (sometimes) try to comfort him.  I just pick him up, give him a cuddle and tell him why he was told no, or if it wasn't safe or whatever the case may be.  Often his is still screaming and resisting cuddles. Then we try to work around the problem or just distract him altogether.   

I want to record these moments so we can have a giggle with him when he is older. 

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