Tuesday 2 April 2013

The Tanty Files - Part 3

Without further (or any) ado, here is the third installment of The Tanty Files.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 4

The Tanty Within. 
He is being very restrained, trying his best to patiently wait for his turn.

Duck Lake Tanty.

 The 'Brothers won't let me destroy Lego' Tanty.

 Because he -really- didn't want to watch Bananas in Pyjamas.  Really.
That was so not cool Mum.  (He didn't want to go inside)

This type of Tanty was in style for a few days, what do you think?

Doesn't everyone have naked Tanties on their new Radio Flyers?

 Top view Tanty, yep.. still looks like a Tanty.

I cannot believe you just took me off that paddle ski! What do you mean it's NOT MY TURN?!

So tired of sharing toys, I'll just give up and watch.

Ok so this one was my fault.  This was the last day he was in his cot and I wanted to just have a nice memory of him in the cot.  It was handmade 16 years ago and has been used for 7 of the 10 children that my sisters and I have.  

 Cage Tanty

Random Tanty, I can't even remember this one.

Lindt Bunny refusal Tanty.

Mummy and Daddy have a new bed and I am not allowed to be crushed in the building process Tanty.

Perplexing Tanty.  Could not work out what the problem was with this one.  
Perhaps the stars were aligned?

 Unwillingness to walk Tanty. Note to self: Bring Pram.

The HomeFEST Tanty.  I had the pram... 

Little Athletics Tanty.  Well you know what?  He is just doing what we all feel like doing at those long drawn out medal giving BBQ's.

Disclaimer ;)

Pichu is a very loved little boy, he has 3 older brothers, he get's alot of attention and cuddles.  None of the other boys were tantrum throwers, so this has been an interesting time for us.  I have tried various methods, ignoring, cuddling, distracting..   

What works for us, is to let him have his moment of frustration, this is the time he just doesn't respond to me at all, if in fact I try, it just makes things worse.  He needs a few moments before he will let me (sometimes) try to comfort him.  I just pick him up, give him a cuddle and tell him why he was told no, or if it wasn't safe or whatever the case may be.  Often his is still screaming and resisting cuddles. Then we try to work around the problem or just distract him altogether.   

I want to record these moments so we can have a giggle with him when he is older. 

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