Tuesday 2 April 2013

iSophie turns 1!

Today is a special day here at iSophie.  Today, a year ago, I decided to start this blog.  I feel a great sense of achievement that I have managed to keep it up and have actual real people reading my stories and enjoying my photos.  (Aww c'mon, yes, I do love you to Anonymous spam-bots)

At times it has been a struggle to get posts written, and I know it is anything but consistent in frequency, bar Tuesdays of course.  Tuesday is the exception to all my 'I am too busy to blog!' whines and moans.  It doesn't matter what I have been doing, what I should be doing, how much sleep I have had, or may not get, I will always have a post (of some kind) up on Tuesdays.  I am a member of #TeamIBOT at Essentially Jess!  It is so fantastic being part of a close knit group of supportive bloggers and it has really made a difference to my blogging confidence this year.  Thank you ladies!

One of my friends was so encouraging to me to finally set the blog to public, as I had been writing privately for a few weeks, but was very anxious about the world reading it.  Thank you! x

He might not know, but my Husband, Coder has played a massive role for this to still be here a year on.  Not only for the free tech support I get, but in the early days, his initial response to reading my first posts were the biggest compliment I have ever received.  I appreciate all of my families comments, they were so encouraging and loved reading about what what going on with us.  But Coder, well, he is very creative and seems to be able to excel in anything he sets his mind to.  He is writing a novel for example, only a few people know that.  He has always had this way with words, he can manipulate them in such a way to completely turn around an argument, or silence angry clients with just a few paragraphs.  "Your blog is amazing"  was the text message I received from him after he had read a few days worth of posts.   A big happy stupid silly grin spread across my face, and I had butterflies in my stomach, happy ones!  Thank you Coder, I love you. x

To the family and friends that pop by here and there, I know who most of you are and I really appreciate that you enjoy being able to catch up with what we get up to down here in Tassie.  My sister is a massive fan and is my main proof reader, thanks Smelly.  My Mum, and my 93 year old Grandma.. I love that you are so proud of iSophie and love to pass it on to other family/friends. Thank you! x

My other biggest fans live in a land far away, Coder's parents in Florida are avid readers, and support and encourage me 100%.  Thank you! x

And then there are you!  My regular readers, and the ones that stumble across iSophie by accident or from clicking on a link.  Thank you for all of our lovely kind words, and your support through the struggles we have had.  

I have become positively possessed to grow and learn as a Amateur Photographer.  You may notice just a few photos on here occasionally.  

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