Tuesday 15 January 2013

Brighton holiday - Behind the scenes

After a week on holidays I have some pretty cool photo's, of the kids, the beach, Panda's at the zoo and other bits and pieces. Instead of putting those up (this time) I thought I would delve into the more unusual happenings, the behind the scenes of the caravan park and the medical emergencies, small and large.

To start the holiday off Legoman left his iPod on the plane. I spoke to Virgin personnel and it has not turned up in the system. So I am really glad I wiped all of the photos and movies off of it before we left home.

We have been very relaxed about the whole bathing scene.  Well, for the kids anyway. I am pretty sure Voltorb hasn't had a shower or a bath now for over a week. He has been in the ocean though!

I did manage to find a way to get the two littlest ones clean in the twin laundry tubs in the washing machine room. It was very exciting, until the plug was pulled out and it made a horrible gurgling sound.  I have never seen Pichu try to get out of something so quick!


We have also met some interesting wildlife, literally on our doorstep, hanging out in a tree, only a metre off the ground.  "Too cool for School"

And some not so friendly jelly fish. Legoman and cousin R were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Vinegar to the rescue!

Too many people in the games room? Not a problem. We purchased some cheap paddles and balls and play ping pong out of the back of the car and along our quite road. 

Sunday was raining and cool, so no beach or outside play. Instead the 8 children amused themselves playing Just Dance on the Wii in the tiny matchbox of a room. Even the 2 year old got his groove on.

I had my nails done, which was pretty exciting for me, as the last time I had them done was before our wedding (10 years ago, almost). 

Naps still happen, unfortunately, rarely timed very well and usually late in the day.

And then there are the medical emergencies. Pichu had a bit of a medical condition under his nappy that needed a script. Oshawott, 2 days later also needed a trip to the Dr, which resulted in anti-biotics.

Then there was the worst of the lot. My 93 year old Grandma had a fall at the shopping centre, down the escalator. They had just left where we were sitting to go home, the travelator was too far, so they took the escalator instead. When she stepped on, her foot wasn't on the step properly and as the section turned into a step she lost her balance and fell forward. Thankfully our friend was with them also and called out for someone to hit the emergency stop button. She fell about a third of the way down, she had cuts on her leg and head that were bleeding. The ambulance was called immediately and she was taken to hospital for an overnight stay and a catscan.

Thankfully she is ok, but it was a very upsetting experience for us all, especially her of course, but also those that saw it all happen and were unable to prevent it. 

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Happy Tuesday everyone, I am joining Essentially Jess for IBOT.

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