Monday 11 February 2013

And another acedemic year begins.

Good ole' Hobart, giving us an extra Public holiday today.   Today is Regatta Day, and more importantly, "Sit around in your pjs all day" Day.  

Yesterday was day 12 post op for Voltorb and it was the first day since the operation that he has not needed any pain relief.  He did manage to go to school on the first day but then stayed home from school for the rest of last week, and will start again tomorrow.  

We have 3 of them at school this year.  Granted, Oshawott will only go 5 days a fortnight, but I take what I can get!  He was very excited to start last Thursday, we had no tears and only one small drama at the end of the day when a golden Lego Ninja weapon was lost somewhere between sandpit, swings and the vast oval of grass.   Needless to say we had to give up on that mass search pretty early on.

The middle photo is the moment he realised he was missing the Lego weapon, somewhere over there...

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