Tuesday 30 July 2013

The Ninja, clay ball and the plastic fork.

With one day up our sleeves to go exploring with Coder, we decided to take the boys out to the iconic little 'ghost' town, Silverton.  It is a 20 minute drive out of Broken Hill.  You may know it from such films as Mad Max, and Priscilla.  Yet for me it is most well known for the extremely overpriced scone half I mistakenly ordered the year before.  Advertised as a 'huge' half of a scone I figured we would be getting just that, a scone on steroids.  Apparently the residents of Silverton use a different measure of scone giganticness because the half of scone that we received was normal scone size at best.   The best part was the price, which was on steroids.  $4 for a half scone.  Not even with jam and/or cream!  Just a bit of butter, because that's how the boys take their huge scones usually.   Not to be outdone, the cheese sandwiches my sister ordered for her tribe were just the measly $7 each.   

So with prices akin to a fine dining tea house in England we ate our gold infused food outdoors, hoping to avoid a mouthful of fly in every bite.  Being gluten free, our Mum was sitting pretty with her homemade sandwich, the envy of us all!

Opps, I got a little of track.  So it had been 5 years since Coder had been in Broken Hill, which was when we actually packed up the car to head across the Bass Strait for our big move to Tasmania.   Oh yes, I remember it well, and not fondly mind you.  But that is story for another day, except for my advice to never let small children sleep in the car right before boarding an overnight ferry! Heed me!

So off to Silverton we set. 

Our first stop was to a really wide dry creek bed. 

 The black Ninja accessed the situation... determining probable stealth attacks and weak areas.

And he was pleased.

 So the frivolity could begin. (though you wouldn't know it from their expressions, I am sure they were having fun)

A rock shop was quickly established.

Ever the entrepreneur, Legoman demonstrated the size that the payment rock had to be.  Yes, that is correct, you paid for your rocks, with rocks.  Ingenious!

Trading could then commence.

Well my goodness Grasshopper!  That will fetch you a pretty rock.

Apparently not everyone was present at the currency tutorial and some strayed to gather clay.   The clay ball in the picture was a much loved ball of clay and managed to get smuggled into the car and spent the day with us.  Even returning home again, and all in my Brother-in-Laws much loved car.  Sorry B! 

And other brothers were busy appearing in car commercials.  And this car is even soon to have mud encrusted rear seats!  That will get the buyers in.

 Little boy in blue was contemplating what to do first?

Oh yes that'll do the trick, a plastic fork!

 Always on duty the Black Ninja fetched Daddy for me when it was time to attempt the obligatory family photo.

The last shot of 5 was not too bad.  Coder had to hold Pichu because he has a tendency to run to the camera or overact.

Creek bed done and dusted our next stop, and my story for next time, will be DayDream Mine.

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