Tuesday 23 July 2013

What a day! Champion travellers.

What you don't want to hear over the loud speaker at the airport?  Your name called over the loud speaker asking for you to come back to the check in counter.  That just can't be good can it?   

We had been told there would be a delay, but the news I received was much worse, a 6 hour delay! Now with a new estimated arrival time of 9pm, certainly not what you want to hear when traveling with 4 children.  2 of which have school in the morning, and all of them desperately lacking in sleep after a fantastic couple of weeks away with cousins and a very memorable weekend of Birthday celebrations.   

Luckily on this return trip Coder was with me, having flown in the week before.

We had planned on an early bedtime.   Instead we cannot pick up the dog, so that is an extra nights accommodation for her.  Not that she would care mind you, Club K9 is just that, quiet the doggy retreat and she loves it.   Luckily I was able to ask a friend to pick up some much needed groceries, otherwise the boys would be going to school with stale biscuits, moldy bread and on an empty stomach with nothing to eat for breakfast.

After 7 hours of flights and/or airport camping I barely bat an eyelid when McDonalds only had frozen coke instead of the usual compromise of a frozen fanta.  I certainly wasn't going to deflate 2 little boys excitement because they had their hopes pinned on a frozen drink.  So that was a first, lucky we are going to be up half the night anyway hey!

My arms were wishing I had brought the backpack stroller, but I paced that course way like a mother possessed, knowing full well the wrath of an overtired toddler far surpasses any temporary muscle discomfort.  


And when the 9 year old, with his matted hair and glazed eyes resorts to desperately trying to sleep on the airport carpet, in between the rows of seats, you just smile inwardly, knowing what a fantastic time he has had with his cousins, especially the one closest to him in age with the same gaming interests.  He gives up after awhile, with the incessant piercing loud speaker rattling him every few minutes it is just impossible.

I have also learned a valuable lesson about balloon animals, or in particular, what not to do with them.  This is the status update Coder placed on Facebook, and that just about explains it all.

Sophie made lovely balloon animals for the kids, and stored them in the overhead locker on our flight to Melbourne. Two unfortunate events unfolded - the balloon animals popped randomly and loudly in flight and it completely freaked out the lady directly under them. By the time we landed, the flight attendants had the AC blasting on her, vomit bags ready, and she visibly sighed a huge sigh of relief only when the plane stopped at the terminal. So there you go - balloon animals on aircraft are probably the most terrifyingly evil things you can bring! Lesson learned!

Opps.  But it had them well entertained while we had to wait 30mins to check our bags in at Mildura.  

We arrived at home at 10pm, after a weekend of 70mm of rain our driveway was less then cooperative and whereas we got up the main portion of it, we slipped on the last rise to the house where we park.  Not able to get any grip we had to reverse to park the car at the paddock level and negotiate 4 tired children and 8 bags by foot through inches thick mud, uphill.  Excellent fun.

More details of the trip, and of course photos, will come in the next couple of weeks as I get re-organised and settled into the new school term.

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