Tuesday 16 July 2013

The Tanty Files - Part 5

Seeing as we are in Broken Hill again at the moment, I thought I would catch up a bit on The Tanty Files, as many of these were taken on our last trip here in April.

On our trip to the Botanical Gardens with Kinder this year Pichu was his lovely, yet occasionally incredibly stubborn self.

 In his mind he has an invisible force field of allowable distance Mummy can be ahead of him.  

Mummy was beyond invisible line and he refused to catch up.



Yes Mummy is still here. Still waiting.

 I was trying to set the camera up to take a timer photo when this happened.

And soon after, this.

Having a very difficult time initiating Tanty sequence for some unknown reason.

Absolutely cannot believe the iPad went flat.  

Why iPad why!?

 No I don't think I will return to my seat and fasten my seat belt, perhaps I just want to take my chances on the landing.

 Straight as a plank Tanty.

 Street Tanty

 Sometimes a boy just wants to Tanty on his own.  

Sometimes that just doesn't happen.

Church Hall Tanty.  This one was slightly uncomfortable I must admit.

 Because the door was opened before he got to press the 'but'.

Icy Pole refusal Tanty.

Just another refusing to walk moment.

I want to share a bit more of the process.  These three photos were taken within about a minute of each other.  Something tragic happened, and I eventually worked it out and all was well with the world.

Something about the toast.

 Over it Mum.

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