Tuesday 18 February 2014

Ziggy Stardust - An introduction

Just over a week ago we had a special delivery arrive via plane from Queensland.   Coder really wanted another dog.  Me, well not so much, well... not at all really.   Sure puppies are cute and all but they poop everywhere and have needle sharp teeth that they like to sink into juicy human flesh.  But the boys were all on board the puppy train and being the true dog person that he is Coder researched and sourced our new puppy, a Border Collie Merle.  My main request was that the new puppy and Elsie are outside dogs.  

Of course my puppy predictions came promptly true, with wee, poo and needle sharp teeth all over the place.  Sure he is cute, and has a lovely nature, but gee he is annoying!   Thankfully the toilet training is coming along, but unfortunately his favourite pass time is grabbing hold of the boys clothes, and/or skin. He doesn't usually let up unless physically removed from the situation because they are obviously enjoying it as they run and scream in terror delight.  

So meet Ziggy Stardust, named after the one blue eyed David Bowie.

 Doing whatever I can to distract him from 'mouthing' anything and everything.

 Oh look, a foot!

 Poor Elsie was unsure at first.  Well, actually she was pretty unimpressed.

 Yeah... lucky you're cute.

 Uh huh.  Can you guess the sound track that accompanied this photo?

 Elsie wants to play.  Ziggy is very unsure.  Who wouldn't be!


 Oookay, well this is awkward.

 Ziggy thinking Elsie is very peculiar.

I think i'll just watch.

 But maybe it will be fun.

Run for your lives!

 Cheeky boy kept photo bombing my attempts to photograph Ziggy.

 Thank goodness we have an endless supply of sticks.

 Cool dudes just hanging.

Let me just have a taste of that ear.

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