Tuesday 4 March 2014

Summer pool fun. - Part One

I just love summer!   Living in Tassie has meant never getting a 'real' summer anymore, well, in my opinion.  I find myself comparing our daily temperatures with that of my home town, Broken Hill, and yearning for some real stinking hot days.  Crazy I know!

This summer, I flew the boys back to Broken Hill for a couple of weeks in January, so we could soak up some real summer weather again.

We arrived, it was hot.

Except for one or 2 cooler days, it was stinking hot for the full 2 weeks.


My sister's family installed an in ground pool last summer, and it has been such a good investment.  Obviously for us.. ha!   We were back in Broken Hill each of the School holidays in 2013, and all but the trip in the middle of winter, the boys were in that pool.  During the April and Sept holidays the temp of the pool around 20 degrees, and on a good day getting to 23.  That is actually one benefit of living in Tassie, the Ocean temp here in Summer is pretty chilly so they didn't mind the cold water.

But this trip the pool temp hovered between 25 and 30 degrees, it was absolutely divine to jump into on those 40+ degree days.  The boys and some of their cousins were in the pool daily, actually several times a day!  The rest of the time was spent lounging around under the air-con, eating icy poles, playing with each other and just doing nothing.

It was fantastic. 

I have so many pool photos, it is really not even funny.   There was morning swims, sunny swims, cloudy swims, rainy swims, night swim and even a bit of nudie swimming by the younger, less modest ones. 

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