Monday 30 July 2012

After school prickle patrol.

Someone forgot to tell the prickles it is still winter!  Now I am certainly not discouraging Spring from Springing.. but I really do loathe prickle season.  Left unchecked they would basically overrun our entire 23 acres, anyone seen The Day of the Triffids movie?

Last Tuesday was a slightly warmer day (13.5!) so we headed outside for a quick play before Legoman's tutor arrived.  I was horrified to see that the prickles were once again making their move.  They certainly aren't going to let last years prickles, who went down in a showdown with Coder and his backpack poison sprayer, go un-vindicated.  If they start early perhaps we wouldn't notice... until it was too late!

Legoman knows that this prickle bush is capable of growing taller then him.

Legoman pointed it out to me and immediately got down to business. He is an expert prickle remover, well in his eyes he is. Unfortunately his methods, of whacking and stabbing with a pointed stick, inevitably spread more seeds. He decided this day was the perfect time to pass down the age old (well 2 years) knowledge of prickle whacking to his eager to help brothers.

 First the demonstration.  It was an unusual tactic, using a branch rather then a stick, time would tell if it would be successful.

They look so innocent and small but looks can be deceiving.  (I'm talking about the prickles!) 

 Following Sensei's instructions Voltorb has a crack at it.

Oshawott struggles to even lift it.

Well now you're just showing off.

Crafting a new tool. 


Not all showed the dedication of Legoman.


  1. Oh your boys are just so cute! I love how focused they are! I hope that the prickles didn't get the better of them!!!

    1. They certainly can be focused when there is destruction to be done!

  2. Amazing, your boys must have SO MUCH FUN with all that space! I wish I had the guts to live on acreage but I'm petrified of bugs and spiders and snakes.

    1. I can handle bugs and the snakes haven't bothered us much (yet, touch wood!), but I hate hate hate spiders. We get the house sprayed regularly for those, but have had some very unwelcome hitch hikers in the car where I have had to remain very calm so not to A: Crash, or B: Freak out the boys who are all strapped in car seats with no escape!

      They do have alot of fun, but summer is so much better for exploring and playing outside (goes without saying). They have forts all over the place, plus a secret fairy land (where the king of prickles lived last spring).


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