Sunday 1 July 2012

Let's take a walk around The Oaks

The Oaks is the name of our property I suppose.  We didn't name it, it was just there, on the mailbox, when we moved in.  So either the previous owner's surname was Oak, he stole the letterbox from someone else called  Oak, or it is the name the original owner gave to the property.  I'll go with the latter because it is more poetic that way.  

We are on 23 acres here at 'The Oaks'.  22 acres of that is purely a forest of Sheoak trees and Dolerite rocks, well, boulders really.  We also have a paddock, and a levelled area for the playground we put in 18 months ago.  

Here is an aerial view of the top of the property, where the house is.  The road is 600m long and quite degenerated at the moment, thanks to almost 3 years of neglect.  We are 140 metres above sea level, so parts of the driveway are steep.  I was really worried about this for the guests coming to the Pirate Party, but everyone made it up, though a few were a little shaken.

You can see how small the house is.   Looks like little ants live in it!  No no, really, it is only a 10 something square house. Very small for 6 people.  Which is why we are going to be extending it by at least half it's size again. 

A rough property boundary is blue and the road is yellow. At the base of the hill, at the beginning of the road, is our mailbox and wheelie bins.

I took the camera out for a walk around the property over the last week to give everyone a better idea of where we live.

 You can just feel the cold seeping into your toes in this photo. Taken early in the morning, before the sun has risen.

 Sun rising behind our hill.

 Playground, comes complete with 3 happy boys.

 Tyre swing, part of the road that runs past the paddock and the flying fox.

 Looking back towards house from flying fox line.

 View of the valley from the playground.

 Part of the paddock and agriculture tank.

 Pile of wood from when we had all the trees around the house cut down 
(for fire safety). Once the house is extended we will have a wood fire, and never ever have to buy firewood!

 Path leading up to the back of the house, our main entry.  Yes, some of the lights are wonky.  I like it like that? Yes. I do.

Barbed wire fencing, and one of the steep sections of the road.  The photo really doesn't do it justice though.  The first time we came to inspect the house we could not get the car up and had to reverse back down to the flatter section. The real estate agent drove us up in his car!  I thought at the time there was no way we could buy a house that we couldn't even get to!  But Coder was insistent this was the one, and came back the next day after work to prove the car could make it.  It did, just needed the right technique.

Taken from the back fence line looking back down to house and valley.

 Elsie the wolf teddy bear. Very scary looking, but a big softie.

 Boklord keeping watch as his ladies steal food from the chicken pellet bag.

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