Sunday 15 July 2012

It all started out innocently enough.

Thursday's are training days.  Voltorb has soccer training, Legoman has Hockey.  So on Thursdays the little boys and I head to the school rather then the boys catching the bus home.  They change into their gear, don shin pads, mouth guards and usually eat something quickly (before the mouth guard goes in!). 

It's the first question Voltorb askes me when he gets out of the classroom, "What have you got for me to eat?" Because often I get something yummy, either donuts, hot chips or a chocolate.  For Legoman, it's something completely on the other spectrum, a lemon, mandarin, or a tomato, sometimes a piece of fish.

Last Thursday the little boys became very distracted by the many muddy puddles near the oval.

It started out innocently enough, they had sticks and were stirring the water, and plopping in rocks or leaves.  Oshawott decided it would be a good idea to splash the dirty water around, and more specifically, on his face.  

Not one to be left out, Pichu had been observing this more hands on approach, soaking it all in, metaphorically.  At first.  

I don't recall the moment it happened, perhaps I was actually paying attention to the training session (highly unlikely) or perhaps I was distracted by a coffee kart (I wish!).  

But by the time I realised, it was too late, so I just let them have at it. Hey, it's only the middle of winter in Tassie afterall.  Another 'gold' parenting moment.

And these types of spontenaous activities are the reason I -usually- have my camera in the car.  Curses!  Thank goodness for the trusty old iPhone!

Just minding my own business...

They both had to be stripped off below the waist before getting in the car, and spare jackets thrown over their cold bare legs.  It took 3 days for their shoes to dry out, even sitting directly under the heater.

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