Thursday 27 September 2012

Journey's through the mind and the Tasmanian Midlands

We all survived school holidays.  I resisted temptation to fly the coop and head back to Broken Hill again and stayed home.  Well mostly, I did take the boys up to Launceston for 3 days in the second week.  A few other families were headed up there so I decided we would join them.  

In the first week we had 2 days at the park, both of which included birthday cake (a win win situation).  We also had many hours of assessments for Legoman, who is struggling with spelling and we are trying to find out if there is an underlying reason.  I still don't have the official reports, but he does have a higher then average IQ.  He clearly takes after me.  ;)

Firstly he had an assessment with a speech therapist to see where he is standing with his spelling.  Currently he is around 1 year behind where he should be at.  He is having trouble with vows in particular and the arrangement of letters.  Next up was a psychological education assessment, totaling a whopping 4 hours over two sessions.  

In the middle of the holiday's I got a one day pass from motherhood in order to attend a Nikon course in Melbourne

The last week was filled in with a quick holiday to Launceston.  We stayed at Tamar Aspect Resort and packed in so many activities I now need another holiday!

The trip up to Launceston was easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Well except for the "Are we there yet?" that first reared it's ugly head a mere 10 minutes after leaving home.  We stopped at Campbell Town for a leg stretch and Dixie Cups that were way past their used by date.  Actually, worse then just that, melted and re-frozen Dixie Cups that were past their used by dates.  Mmm mm.  

At least the donuts where delicious, the one small mouthful I was left with was anyway.  The boys, upon finding freshly cut grass lying around in clumps (why can't they use mowers that clean up the mess?!), immediately made up a super fun game of throwing itchy grass piles all over each other.  Excuse me boys? There is play equipment everywhere you look, why the grass!

Anyway, we did arrive in Launceston incident free (if possible food poisoning is incident free) and after checking in, made our way straight to the heated indoor pool, a conveniently fun way to wash off all of the grass!

I will get back to this next time, but for now I will leave you with some almost totally unrelated photos.   I used the trip to practice taking portraits, and here are a few of the better ones. 

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